Saturday, July 7, 2007

Names Can Be So Important

I read a certain blog on a daily basis. I enjoy the humor that it contains and the woman is an absolutely fabulous photographer.

She occasionally mentions her best friend...Hyacinth.

When I first read that name, I thought to myself, "How goofy is that for a name?"

That lasted about 5 minutes, because then I fell in love with it. Eventually we found out more about Hyacinth, and there was a finally a picture of her.

She looked exactly how I pictured she would...refined. She has short, dark hair, very fashionably cut. She wears dangly earrings and has a neck that is at least 24 inches long. She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile. She has children that she homeschools. In fact Hyacinth and Ree (the author of the blog) both homeschool, and at least once a week, they do it together. I know Ree has four kids and I believe Hyacinth has three, but I could be wrong.

Hyacinth. What a gorgeous just exudes confidence.

Recently there was a link to Hyacinth's blog, and when I clicked on it, I just froze. I couldn't believe it. I was devastated.

Hyacinth isn't her real name.

Her real name is Cyndi. Imagine that. I wonder what her middle name is.

Maybe her online persona is Cyndi and Hyacinth IS her real name.


She'll always be Hyacinth to me.


Anonymous said...

Hyacinth is too funny of a name for me to come up with. Our favorite British comedy (still is on PBS) from when we were in England was Keeping Up Appearances and the main character is Hyacinth. She is snooty, and has to be better than everyone else but the funniest most humiliating things happen to her because of it. Her sisters are Rose (the wench), Daisy (married to a bum) and Violet the rich sister with the Mercedes. I can never hear the word Hyacinth without thinking of this comedy. Too funny, maybe Cyndi got the name from that comedy.