Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Marina's Vet Visit

Mimi (my new little nickname for Marina) went to the vet today. She had to get her last kitten vaccines and the leukemia blast. It's just like taking your child to the pediatrician, I swear. She now weighs a whopping 3 lbs. 14 oz. and is doing quite well. However, he would like us to wean her off of milk.

She loves milk. When I give her a treat, I put some water in a little bowl for her. She will go up to the bowl, look at it, look at me, and give me those eyes that say, "but where is my milk?" And I give in and pour a wee little bit of milk in the water. She practically attacks it then. She even tries to drink the milk as it's coming out of the jug.

I set up the appointment to have her spayed. She'll have it done on August 24. Ted will have to take her because they want her there between 7:20 and 7:30 in the morning and I will already be back to work and will be at school by 7:00. They told me that no one will be there at the office to drop her off that early, so it will have to be Ted. That works out though. I don't want her to associate ME with that horrible procedure! I'll just pick her up at the end of the day.

Pepina (also known as Peanut) gets to go for her yearly exam next Monday. I'll be anxious to hear what the vet says about her. I'm wondering if she's getting too heavy, so he'll let me know.

Okay, enough cat talk for now!


Christa Frantz said...

You and your cats! Someday you will be known as the cat lady who lives down the road! Just kidding. By the way, will you please put those darn lounge chairs INSIDE the pool fence so your poor mother will have somewhere to lay and I can quit worrying about her drowning?