Sunday, July 22, 2007

I am SO Blessed

I just came in from the pool, and while I was lying there on a raft, looking down at the pattern of the pool liner, my mind began to wander. I looked up at the back of our house, then just put my head down, closed my eyes, and thanked God for all I have.

Ted and I and the boys live in a beautiful house...we basically designed it, so it's just what we wanted. We have a swimming pool that we just love using. We are definitely blessed with material things.

However, it goes way beyond that. Today is my birthday, and that always makes me feel a little more introspective. Almost 2 years ago, I was really struggling, health wise. That chapter is now over with. Although Ted has been having a lot of trouble with his right knee these days, it's not something that is life threatening. Along with Joey and Alex, we are so fortunate to have our health.

We are surrounded by family and friends that we love, and who truly care about us. That is so important...we rely on these people for support and offer our support to them when they need it.

Speaking of friends, just the other night I called a very good friend of mine. We hadn't spoken for a while, so it was sort of a "catch-up" call. Ted has always said that he doesn't think I take a breath when I talk on the phone, but for this particular call, he actually heard me not only breathe, but he also heard SILENCE while I was listening! The best part was after the phone call ended though...he asked, "So what did you two talk about?" And I replied, "Not much" and he looked at me dumbfounded.

"You mean you talked on that phone for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and you didn't talk about anything???"

Hahaha...that's what friends are for. You can talk that long and not really say a whole lot. It's important that I note at this particular moment that I did NOT question the length of time we talked. I knew it was that long. End of subject.

So yes, I feel blessed to have friends that I can talk to for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and not say a whole lot.

We have other friends who are here from Texas right now and we are so fortunate to be able to see them. It's been 10 years since they've been here, but Ted went down to see Ron for a long weekend 7 years ago. Maintaining long distance relationships can be difficult but it is SO worth it! And the funny thing is, you just pick up right where you left's like they were just here last week. They were over here last night and we had a WONDERFUL time!
We are also so very lucky to have such wonderful family members. With A.P. and U.T. (and Niece Holly too) so close, we can stop over at each others' homes as often as we want. Patty and Tim were here last night too, and that was great.
In fact, after being inside for most of the evening, we eventually made it out to the back patio and had a little fire in our small fire pit. It was very nice. Something about a fire...makes everything a little more intimate.
Yes indeed, I am VERY blessed...with a beautiful home, a pool, a healthy family, good friends, a job I usually love, and of course two wonderful felines.

Can life get any better?


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday!

That was certainly two and a half hours well spent! Good friends are a special blessing...thank you!