Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Sons

Joey and Alex.

Different as night and day.

Joey was 3 1/2 when Alex was born. Of course Joey didn't come to us and say, "How about a little brother or sister folks?" He was perfectly content being the only child. We always knew that we wanted at least two children though, possibly more.

Alex came along and life really changed. It wasn't just double the kids, double the work. It seemed to be more than that. However it was worth all of it. Oh yeah, toss in Joey being in the hospital with pneumonia and bronchitis when Alex was 2 1/2 weeks old. That was a little tough. And I was taking a class at the time too, and was starting to get behind on a few assignments. Oh well, it all worked out.

Joey was a little jealous from the beginning. Sorry, Joe. That wasn't the intent.

Just when I would be ready to pull my hair out because of the fighting and screaming they'd go and be cute together, and actually seem to like each other.

I still remember the day I took this picture. It was in early October 1994 and I had put up a big spider web on the front porch. They were so excited about it. The sun was behind the house, so this was in the shade, and that made the colors nice. The weather had been really cooperative and we hadn't even pulled up the flowers yet because we hadn't had a frost yet. This has always been one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together.

This picture was taken on Easter morning 2006. They really weren't too happy that it was "picture time" but they tolerated it. Alex is on the left, Joey on the right. They looked so thrilled.

We've really been blessed with two great sons...we are so fortunate.

Flash forward to July 2007.

A little scary, huh?

I love these boys...never a dull moment.