Sunday, July 19, 2009


Okay, people who really know me will absolutely NOT believe I'm saying this, but here goes...

We need a few HOT, HUMID days! The weather has been warm, at best, and I'm ready for some heat and humidity.

(Yes, it's really me talking, for real!)

Highs in the low 70s just isn't cutting it right now.

I'm just hoping that it doesn't suddenly become miserable at the end of August, just as teachers and kids are going back to school. That wouldn't be good.

Yes, it could be worse. The highs could be in the 60s or we could be having constant rain right now, so I shouldn't complain.


edbteach said...

If I could stick my tongue out at you right now I would!

We have had almost 50 days straight with temperatures 95 and higher. The actual temperature had been 100 plus for the last 30 days. With the heat index it feels like 115!!!!

We are about to have to go to water rationing because of the lack of rain in the last year and a half as well.

(If you can't tell, I am totally jealous of your weather right now! ;)

Why can't the weather be distributed better is what I want to know!

PERBS said...

I am reading this as we have 107 today!!!!!!!!!!!!! No further comment needed from me!!!!!!!!!