Friday, July 3, 2009

I Love Evenings Like This

Last Saturday evening we went to dinner with friends that live about 35-40 minutes away. They came here and we went to a small, local restaurant and had a wonderful meal. They have the best salad and garlic bread. I could easily fill up on just that. They also serve wonderful strawberry daiquiris. (I only have one...apparently I tend to get a little goofy when I have more than that, and we definitely don't want that to happen! At least that's what Ted says.)

After dinner we came back to our house and Joe and Alex had started a fire in our small fire pit on the patio.

It was so relaxing.

We sat there and talked for several hours.

"K" and I have been friends since she moved to our community for our 6th grade year. Her family moved to another town about 40 miles away when we were juniors in high school. We've remained friends ever since. We got married a month apart. Their wedding was smaller than ours. They basically eloped and got married on their way to the Carolinas.

We've gone through a lot together over the years, and her husband "J" is a great guy. She had to do a little training with him early on, but he adapted well, hahaha!

They had their first child about a year after they got married (they have three) and about nine months after they had their last one, we had our first, Joe.

I love evenings like this...


mdx3mom said...

There is nothing better than spending a relaxing evening with friends, I totally agree.

We love evenings like this!

PERBS said...

I love strawberry Daiquiris but it has been awhile since I had one. The restaurant I used to get my ribs at went out of business and I always had a drink there. . . the new rib place I found doesn't serve daiquiris. :o(

I am catching up and left comments on all the ones I missed below. Thanks for dropping by -- come back and see my tribute to Glenn.

Dee said...

Great photos! Where are the s'mores?!