Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Fashion Statement

This morning I went to breakfast with a group of school friends. Although we are not all in the same building right now, at one time or another we all spent time at the same place. A few have retired, a few have gone to different buildings in the district, and a few have gone to another district.

We try to do this at least once a summer, and occasionally throughout the school year, although that hasn't happened too often the last few years.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to make it today, but there ended up being six of us and it was really nice to get caught up on each other's lives.

As I was driving home, thinking about things we talked about, and basically being thankful to have friends like this, my attention was quickly diverted to something I saw on the sidewalk.

There was a male, walking in the same direction I was driving, on the same side of the street as I was. I saw his backside.

This person appeared to be an adult, or at the very least in his late teens. He had on black shorts and gray boxers.

How do I know the color of his boxers, you may be thinking?

WELL...the shorts were only pulled up to the bottom of his butt cheeks. His entire butt (thank goodness for the boxers) was hanging out over the shorts. And he didn't have a shirt on either, so there was no mistaking what I saw.

Once I pulled my jaw up from the floor of the car, I almost pressed the window down and yelled, "Pull up your pants!" but thought better of it.

What I should have done was drive around the block and take a picture of him to post here, but I didn't think of it.

Now I've seen guys walking around with the top of their boxers showing, but this was a little ridiculous. His entire rear end was hanging out!

I don't like seeing sagging shorts, or pants, for that matter. I guess I should be thankful that he had on boxers, but the whole thing is just a bit too much, in my opinion.

I'm beginning to sound like my mother, yikes!


PERBS said...

You are too funny! I would have honked at him and yelled a few choice words.

I m glad you ahjd your little reunion. I know that kind of thing is a lot of fun. When I taught in CA, we used to meet at Disneyland and spend the day together.

mdx3mom said...

As the mother of a teenage boy who also like the baggie drawers look. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!

I am always telling him to pull his pants up.

The son of a friend of mine use to wear them like that also, and every time he walked by me I would yank on his pants and they would fall to his knees. He wanted to know why I kept pulling on his pants like that? My only response would always be ..... well you obviously wanted us to see your bottom so I was just helping. If you did not want this then pull your pants up. he eventually learned when I was around to wear his pants in the correct manner.

edbteach said...

OMG! I totally agree with you - disgusting! and I probably would have rolled down the window and yelled at him! (and then my husband would have killed me! LOL)
I swear that Garrett will *NEVER* wear his pants that baggy!

theArthurClan said...

This is the stupidest fashion statement I have ever seen...what are these boys thinking?! I just do not get it!

Terre said...

Oh my Cindi I guess it is a good thing we don't live very close because with the exception of my own sons most of the boys/men here wear their pants below their buttocks with or without boxers. Saturday our Directv guy had a foot long hole in the back of his jeans and his jeans hung a full six inches below his waist giving us a full view of much of his bare behind. Rus commented that "well we know he's the same color all over". He didn't speak very good English so I didn't even get into it I just ignored him while he was doing the installation. but at school as long as we can't see skin we aren't allowed to tell the boys to pull up their pants because it is their right to expression...sick huh?