Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Need a New Phone

I need a new cell phone. Mine is two years old and it doesn't even hold a charge for more than about an hour. I don't use it very often, but I have a feeling that I'll be using it much more often this fall when Alex is away at college.

(I use the term "away" very loosely because he'll be about 50 minutes down the road.)

Lucky for him, I discovered that I can send him text messages via my Yahoo Messenger. I prefer using the keyboard with the desktop computer over my cell phone. Trying to type using only the number pads is a long, painful process on my phone.

I'm thinking of getting a Blackberry Curve. It has a full keyboard, and that's what I'll need if I have to text from my phone. Anyone have any experience with them?

I sure hope it comes in red.


Anonymous said...

I think it does come in red. My friend has the pearl-smaller version I think and hers is red. NICE!

PERBS said...

My present phone is red-- 2nd phone in over 6 years of T mobile service. I have been thinking of getting a new phone soon. A free one with no special things. I have a camera already. . . I do not text. I refuse to. Phone calls are enough. Handy for when I go on walks by myself for emergencies. Great for free calling long distance on weekends.

My Mom never called me once whn I was in college and we lived in the same town. I think it is time to let him spread his wings and trust that you brought him up right. Have him call you regularly on a certain night and trust him. That's a gift we need to give our kids at this age. . .

theArthurClan said...

I know almost nothing about Blackberry's, but am excited that I just got my new iPhone (my birthday/Mother's Day gift this year.) I'm loving it!

Drew said...

I have Blackberry with full keyboard!! It has wonderful features and great quality!! Love my new phone!!