Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whew! (Part 2)

The graduation ceremony was at our high school stadium Saturday night. It was a gorgeous night.

However, I should have told Alex that he needed to be somewhat cooperative with the pictures, like his brother was four years ago. It really just slipped my mind. I guess I thought he would do okay with the whole picture taking issue.

This is Joe. He graduated in 2005, and his ceremony was in the afternoon. Notice how he paused and looked at the camera. Good job Joe!

This is Alex...totally uncool.

After his ceremony, Joe took a few minutes to find us, then made it extremely clear that he would be posing for very few pictures. Period.

Alex, who finally came to his senses, decided to pose. Multiple times. Willingly. Wow. Here he is with Joe. Joe looks like he's been on a binge of some kind, but I just happened to click when he was part way into a blink. Just my luck. I didn't check the photo before continuing to take other shots. Totally my fault.

Here we have the "Epic" seniors. The rest of the "Epic Friends" are underclassmen. These three look so happy. I hope they remember this day for the rest of their lives.

This is Alex with A.P. and U.T. They are his godparents. Years ago the boys abbreviated Aunt Patty to A.P. and Uncle Tim to U.T. That's pretty much what they call them now. They have been a HUGE part of the boys' lives and played a big part in making them the men they are today.

This is Alex with Uncle Mac and Aunt Peg. They've also been a big influence on both of the boys. They've been so fortunate to have such loving aunts and uncles playing a big role in their lives. We are thankful for that each and every day.

A little over a month ago, Alex played bass guitar in a talent show at school. These guys with him in this picture played drums and lead guitar. There was another guy who sang. They did "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. They got second place...not too bad for their first showing. Alex occasionally goes golfing with the guy on the left. (Alex is NOT a golfer, but he's learning!)

My parents were also at the graduation ceremony, but opted to leave as soon as they could so they wouldn't have to fight traffic. That's why they are not in any photos. And yes, there is a shot of Ted and me with Alex, but I don't have it "ready" yet. When I do, I'll post that one too.

After the ceremony, the four of us, along with the aunts and uncles, decided to go out to eat. We were all starved, as no one had eaten dinner and it was almost 10 pm. We ended up at Red Lobster and Alex sat next to A.P. I told him to take off his sunglasses and he told me he wanted to look like Roy Orbison.

And that's how I've been spending my time lately. Things will calm down now, especially since the school year is about to end for me. Then I'll have more time to read and comment on blogs, as well as write in my own.


docgrumbles said...

wow, he does look like Roy Orbison!

Such a big event!

I always forgot to pause for pictures at my numerous graduations, even when I had agreed to cooperate.

PERBS said...

I have mixed feelings about graduation photos. I don't think anyone took any of me. I don't care.

Glad you got a few -- he will be too one day. . . probably. Ü

theArthurClan said...

What an awesome day that was for him...you seemed to make it really special. Phew! I'll bet you're glad that's over though. :)