Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This past Sunday was our anniversary. For the most part, the time has just flown by. We were young when we got married...we were both 21. We had to do a lot of growing up during those first few years, but I wouldn't change it for anything. At the time, we thought we knew what life was all about.

We did a lot of planning for the wedding and reception, but realized very soon after, that a wedding does not a marriage make.

Like almost every couple out there, we were faced with a variety of issues, but we always got through them. We dealt with the minor things (like a car breaking down, trying to pick out furniture together) and the major things (Ted's dad's illness and death, my cancer), but each of those events made us, as a couple, stronger. They have contributed to who and where we are today.

Although this picture was taken last summer at Bravo, it's one of the most current of just the two of us together.

Saturday night we went to Bravo again and had a very nice time and a great meal. Ted had redskin potatoes that came with his crab cakes and he wanted me to taste one. They were fantastic! I always order the same thing when I go there. I look at the menu, but end up getting pasta bolognese, and it's always very good. We even decided to order dessert to go. We ordered tre dolce, which is a smaller portion of three different desserts. We were too stuffed to eat it there. In fact, I ended up bringing home about 2/3 of my pasta bolognese because I was stuffed with wedding soup, salad, and bread.

Anyway, I asked the waitress about the potatoes and she really couldn't answer my questions, but a moment later, the sous chef came out to talk to us. He was very personable and told me how they make the potatoes. It doesn't sound too difficult...I may give it a try sometime. He asked what I usually order and I told him, so he told me how they made the bolognese sauce. He said that it takes all day to make it right, and I wasn't surprised in the least. Ted mentioned that we visit the restaurant every few months and we were there for our anniversary. The chef asked if we ordered dessert and I told him that we ordered the tre dolce to go because we were so full.

Then he said that in honor of our anniversary, he was taking the dessert off our bill! What a pleasant surprise!

We had a nice evening, celebrating our marriage. And considering that the national divorce rate is close to 50%, a marriage that's lasted as long as ours should be celebrated.


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!

mdx3mom said...

It must be Anniversary Month! Ours was Friday! Whoot

happy Anniversary and many many more.

Natalie said...

Happy anniversary!

PERBS said...

Well, I read the whole thing expecting to be informed of what anniversary ti was and not a word! Ü Congratulations!!!!!! May you share many more years together!

I am one of those who didn't make it past ten years.

Leeann said...

Happy Anniversary and Holy Toledo, does your husband resemble younger son in that wedding picture!!

The Amazing Trips said...

Happy Anniversary!

I think you look just as happy now, if not HAPPIER, than you did, then!!

Best wishes for many, many more years of love and bliss. :)