Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No Trip

The Cedar Point trip didn't work out. There were too many schedules to coordinate so it has been postponed indefinitely.

Okay, so secretly, I'm glad. Even though Alex agreed to all of the things we mentioned, I would still have worried like crazy.

When you have 10 people involved, it gets difficult to find a common day for everyone.


(But you didn't hear that from me!)


Jen said...

Good! Much less for you to worry about! Now, you grab a couple of his friends and drive them up there yourself so they don't reschedule.

PERBS said...

Well, I would have hoped they did it and were successful so you could ease your worrying. Remember, you gave them the upbringing, , , so let them test their wings. Moms will always worry. . . My oldest baby is 41 and I still worry about him but have learned to let him make his own mistakes.