Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sorry folks, but I have very little for you these days.

Once school is out, my life becomes mundane. However, it's a good mundane, if there is such a thing.

Take yesterday, for instance.

I woke up around 7:30 or so...put the TV on in the bedroom. Heck, I don't even remember if I had on the Today Show or Good Morning America. It really doesn't make a difference because by then I was in the recliner in the bedroom, dozing on and off. Around 9:00 I turned on the laptop to check email and entertainment news, and then watched a little bit of Regis and Kelly. I eventually got dressed, made the bed, etc. and left the suite just before The View came on at 11:00. I watched that in the den, while I perused various blogs I like to check in on.

Eventually I made my way to the laundry room and did a couple loads. I also got out the cards that I am SOOOOOOOOO behind in sending. I began getting them organized. Yes, when you're as behind as I am, you need to get organized first. I realized that I needed to get a couple of addresses, so back to the den I went to get them from the computer.

(How did we survive without the world at our fingertips??)

And for the record, I did NOT get the cards finished.

Of course it was time to check email again and see if anyone else had any additional announcements on, then I looked at the college website where Alex will be going this fall. Then I checked the college website where Joe attends.

By this time I needed to start dinner, so I worked on that for a little while, waited for the menfolk to come home, then we ate dinner and did the normal after dinner stuff. Last night I watched three episodes of The Deadliest Catch I had DVRed. Eventually I took a shower, played some computer games, then went to sleep.


I'm the most boring person ever in the summer.

And I love it.

(for now, about 6 weeks I'll be ready to pull my hair out!)


PERBS said...

and in all that spare tiem you forgot to visit MY blog. lol

My day is sorta like that except I sneeze and blow my nose in between everythign and soemtimes during things. Darn allergies!

PERBS said...

I am blaming all those typos on my allergies because my eyes are so swollen I can't see if I made them! Until, I hit send that is. . . sigh

Jen said...

That is the very best kind of boring.