Thursday, January 3, 2008

Family News

My cousin Damon has been dating a very nice girl for a couple of years, and when they were here at Thanksgiving, I took him aside and asked him about the status of "things." He told me that he was going to be "popping the question" sometime fairly soon. I just told him that he shouldn't do it at Christmas because it's a special event all in itself and the ring should not be considered a Christmas gift.

He said he already knew that.

Smart man.

Then I told him to let me know when it happened....and true to his word, he called me just after I got home from work today and told me that he and Cathy are now officially engaged!

He asked her on New Year's Eve, right at midnight (what a romantic!). He said that he thought that she thought he was teasing, so he asked again. Then he mentioned something about not being down on one knee, so he got down and asked a third time. Apparently by then she realized that it was the REAL thing and was crying!

I asked Damon if he feels "the magic" when he's with her...and he said "absolutely!" That's fact, that's great!

They are looking at getting married in a couple of years, as they have some bills to pay off and want to save up for a big shindig....I can hardly wait!

Damon used to work for the Professional Bowler's Association, setting up tournaments and events. While he was working for them a few years back, the tour went to Japan and he spent some time with some of the local businessmen.

Often we "see" Damon in Alex...the mannerisms, how he talks, how he can B.S. his way through just about anything (Alex is still working on that one!), and the clothes thing.

We're just thrilled that we'll have a family wedding coming up in a few years. It's been a while, so this is definitely something to look forward to!


Paulie said...

How blessed you are to have him confide in you. Another wedding -- somethign to look forward to.