Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ipod, Schmipod

I got Ted and Alex each an ipod for Christmas. Due to the normal holiday confusion, only Alex got his out and messed with it. I knew when I got them that there would be issues as far as Ted was concerned, so I figured that if Alex got his figured out (an ipod Shuffle), it should be easy for him to figure out Ted's (an ipod Nano).

Well....things don't always go as planned, especially in this household.

Alex and I have been messing with Ted's ipod (with a little help from Ted) for approximately the last 6 hours. I think I might have it figured out now.

I'm not terrible at technology, but come on! You'd think that a small little device wouldn't be able to get the best of me...but it almost did!

Since Alex started with Ted's ipod, I didn't get to see any of the "first" messages that came up. Therefore, I didn't know until later that unless you click to manage your songs manually, everything that is on your itunes list will automatically go onto your ipod. I really didn't think that Ted would want to listen to old American Idol songs, but hey, who knows? (He doesn't...I found that out!)

Just trying to get it set to do things manually was a feat in and of itself.

Then came the really hard part. I had to delete all the stuff on Ted's ipod that I didn't think he'd want. It's a real trick to delete them from the ipod, but not the itunes library. The American Idol stuff is from several years ago and I really don't want those 30 songs to disappear. I doubt I could ever get them back again.

I think I finally have it taken care of and set in a way that either Alex or I can put on Ted's songs, and not everything. I had NO IDEA that ipods were this difficult to figure out!

It better be worth it!


Paulie said...

I have had my shuffle for a year now and I can't get it to even appear in iTunes so I can upload stuff. I had a friend's kid check it out on their imac and he says it worked fine. So mine sits here collecting dust. I wanted something to listen to while hiking!