Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Just a Job

I sure wish I could have that attitude...but it just doesn't work for me.

Maybe I care too much about the kids.

Maybe I care too much about our school's test scores.

Maybe I care too much about our district's, building's, and my reputation.

Maybe I care too much about wanting to be really good at a job I really care about.

We currently have a little chaos going on in our district as far as our reading intervention program is concerned. There was a big, long administrators' meeting yesterday about our program, and when our principal got back to the building, we asked her if she could tell us what was going on. She said that we would hear it this morning, at a meeting called by our coordinator. She said that we all needed to hear it at the same time, in the same way, from the same person. I'm sure that this response was discussed at the meeting, and all administrators were told to answer all questions in this way. That was probably a good idea.

This year I'm spending two afternoons a week at a different building in our district. Although the staff is wonderful, I don't really care for the time I spend there. I'm working with 5th and 6th graders and I just don't care for the age level. I was told that this was a ONE year only deal.

Next year there will be a couple of reassignments, but fortunately all that will happen to me is that I will be at my regular elementary every day, all day. In a totally and completely selfish statement, I say THANK GOODNESS!!!

However, I do feel bad for the two teachers who will be facing a new assignment, especially the one who currently spends most of her day in our building, in addition to a few hours daily at a different school.

It's so obvious that to some people who teach in our district, that teaching is "just a job" and these people come in each day, put in their time, and go home. This is how they view teaching, and it truly is a JOB to them. They are in it for the summers, weekends, and nights off. They are always looking for the easiest way to do everything.

For some reason, this aggravates me to no end. WHY are you in this field if you don't feel some passion for it??? Is there ANY job that you would feel passionate about?? Or are you just here on this earth to put in your time?

I still enjoy my job and feel that I can contribute to children's education in a big way. Yes, I still have the "passion" that I'm talking about.

That's why I'm still doing this.


Anonymous said...

I am up in the air about all this. It probably won't effect what we do together since you tend to work with the kids who would qualify for thenew program anyway. I am hoping that we get to have assistance for math and we CAN GO BACK TO OUR WAY OF DOING THINGS!
You are right, some people.....do think this is just a job!
I won't be there tomorrow. meghan hurt her knee and has to see McQuillan at 9:15.

Paulie said...

I wish I could have found a school district to stay teaching in -- I loved teaching and hated retiring early because I couldn't find a job. I guess I wasn't young enough. . . who knows. I can say I do miss teaching and it kept me young. Summers and weekends OFF?????????????? You got to be kidding. I was always working by thinking and planning what I could do with this and that and tying it into anything I did.

Anonymous said...

This post came at a difficult time for me, I LOVE teaching, I LOVE my special ed kids, teaching isn't a job for me, it's a joy. I always tell the kids, some people become teachers because the like a subject, others like me become teachers because we think that it is the greatest thing in the world to spend hours with an age group we love (you like the babes and I thrive on the 12/13 year olds). But as you know I'm finishing up the license to be able to be a school librarian and thought oh this is nice on the resume if I ever feel like finding a different job. Today however, I was pulled aside by my friend who is my school's librarian and she confided in me that she got a job with the Federal Govt and is turning in her resignation the end of February and will leave the end of March and she wants to recommend me to take her place. Oh boy, now is this God opening a door or what should I do? I really hate the paperwork of IEPs that's the only downside of my job, my family wants me to apply because like they said after a year if I wanted to go back to teaching special ed teachers are in huge demand and I'd have a dozen jobs offered at once. HMMMMM???? I would get to work with more children which is what I love but I wouldn't get to really have that direct contact I love so much with my classroom. What do you think oh wise one? Ter :o)