Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not a Follower

Since I've been on Christmas break, I've been reading a few other blogs that I've never read before. I've got to be honest...some of them are downright trashy. I completely respect the writer's right to say what they want, how they want, and I have a right not to read it (which I am exercising).

Some of these people let the really (and I mean REALLY) foul language fly. Some can get extremely graphic in their descriptions of various things. This is their choice and they can do what they want on their blog.

I've chosen not to follow their lead. I try to keep the language pretty clean here, and if I do go into detail about things that might make some people squirm, I usually try to warn them ahead of time.

As I've said before, this is MY blog and I will write it in such a way that when my parents, other relatives, and friends read it, I will NOT be thoroughly embarrassed. For the most part, I've succeeded in that.

I guess I'm just disappointed that some people take trash to a whole new level. HOWEVER, as I've said before, that is THEIR choice. They are free to exercise their right to free speech.

As am I.


Paulie said...

I have tried to do so also but I do remember one time when I was frustrated with Blogger because it wouldn't upload my photos after hours of trying and I did write a swear word with first initial and astericks. I could have removed it, but I decided to let it show how far I came after being frustrated. . . after all, postcards without a photo are very dull.

For a long time, I did not branch out and explore and I don't do it randomly anymore either. I found a Christian blogger friend and checked out a couple of her links and then spread out from there through the comments of others on her blog.

Have a wonderful day and may you find those kind of blogs to read and share that you are looking for. You might check out a few of the ones listed on my Link list at my page. The list where your name is, I mean.