Saturday, October 13, 2007

Social Events

When I was in high school (way back when) homecoming consisted of a night of football designed to bring back the alumni, a reason to conduct yet another popularity contest by selecting a queen, and a very casual dance in the gym after the game.

Times have changed a little.

Last night was our local high school homecoming football game. It is pretty much irrelevant that we lost 22-6.

The important things were that the alumni were honored and a queen was chosen. Our high school has a regular choir and several select groups. Back in the day, we only had the choir and one select group, the Chorale. I was fortunate enough to be in the Chorale.

(This is where I really made out...I took a lot of classes my freshman, sophomore, and junior years and basically had no study halls, all with the intent of goofing off my senior year. It worked, hahaha! I had FOUR classes in the music department that year: Chorale, Choir, Stage Band, and regular band. Of course I also had government and a couple other electives, but it was basically a pretty easy year. Intentionally.)

One of the retired music directors directed the alumni Chorale, mixed in with current Chorale members, in the alma mater before the start of last night's game. About a decade or so ago I participated in this for a few years. It was fun. I picked up the music ahead of time, learned my part, showed up for rehearsal an hour before game time, sang at the game, went to my seat, and that was it. And for the record, I was NOT the oldest alumni in the Chorale!

Last night I chose not to participate. In fact, I was at school working until the middle of the second quarter, but that's another story.

At halftime homecoming attendants were recognized, then senior attendants were selected as the king and queen of the event. I've always considered this a personality contest, but that's my opinion.

(I'm making a few assumptions here, based on the last few years' events, since I was NOT at last night's game and didn't listen to all of it on the radio. If I'm wrong on anything, I'm sure Christa will straighten me out!)

Tonight....ah yes, tonight is the Homecoming DANCE. Over the years this has become much more of a formal event and it's on the night following the game. Girls wear formal dresses, and the guys wear suits (they don't usually get tuxes for this event, thank goodness).

From the first day of school in August (I didn't realize this until I spent a little time with a few high schoolers that I had NOT given birth to) dates for Homecoming are arranged. Because dating has changed over the years, many kids go to Homecoming in groups, and/or as friends, with no "romantic" interest at all.

Alex is a high school junior. Alex is stubborn. Alex is bull-headed. Alex will not listen to reason.

How bad is it to want your son to go to Homecoming?? I just want him to experience a semi-formal social event that doesn't include dancing with your aunts, cousins, mother, or grandmother (like a family wedding). He has his own car, so he wouldn't need to be chauffeured to the dance. He has a suit. He has ME to help him select a corsage for the girl he would take.

But noooooooooooooooooooooo, we can't go to Homecoming.

Why, you might ask?

Because Alex doesn't want to.

He continually says that he's just not interested. Personally, I think he's afraid of being rejected by a female. However, we know people who have daughters who are in high school (our high school and others in the area) and I'm sure that he would have a date....a friend date....but he's just not interested.

Joey never went to Homecoming or Prom. I didn't push the issue too much with him because he is just not a social person. I didn't want to shove him out of his "comfort zone." And besides, I knew that I had "Mr. Personality" waiting in the wings.

However, "Mr. Personality" has disappointed me.

Okay, so maybe I'm trying to relive my youth a little, but is that so wrong? I know that once he got there he would have a great time. That's just the way he is.

I'd been asking him about one of his friends, Tim. "Is Tim going to Homecoming?"

"I don't know MOTHER."

"Come have to know if he's going or not."

"I said, 'I don't know.' "

It went on from there, but really isn't worth repeating.

The other day, when I got home from school, Tim was here.

"Hey Tim...are you going to Homecoming?"

This is where Alex said, "Come on Tim, we have to go....NOW."

"Hold on a minute....Tim? Are you going?" I asked.

Tim said, "Yes I am...with ****, a girl I'm friends with."

"Did you hear that Alex???? TIM IS GOING TO HOMECOMING."

Tim said, "Alex already knows I'm going."

Let's just say that I shot Alex a look that said it all.

After Tim left, Alex said that he purposely didn't tell me because he knew I'd flip out.




So tonight, while most area teens are at the Homecoming Dance, my teenage son will be sitting here at home with us.

Hmmmmm.....maybe that's not so bad, after all.

But he's definitely going to Prom.


Anonymous said...

For the record:
although I attended the game I was too busy working um, I mean campaigning last night to notice the game. Sold raffle tickets before, had the winning ticket picked (by the press box people)in the 2nd quarter, tracked down the winner during half time (was someone actually crowned queen???), and then put out 250 fliers for Dave's campaign for the second half! By the way, we got the door to door literature yesterday ... finally. Guess what...Philadelphia is spelled Philadelhia! 2,000 down the drain. Will I live through this?

Patty said...

The family would all like to see the Big A go to the prom. He can always go with the neighbor girl.

Panfila said...

Great work.