Saturday, October 6, 2007


For the past couple of years I've purchased a hand-painted cookie jar, filled with biscotti from Sam's Club. They have them in the fall and they're pretty, in my opinion.

Last year, my wonderful husband made this comment, "Why did you get another one? We already have one."

Me, "They're DIFFERENT and I like them. Is that a problem?"

End of subject.

A few weeks ago we were working on cleaning the kitchen, and he accidentally dropped the lid to one of the cookie jars. I didn't say a word. I know he didn't do it on purpose, and as the ceramic lid broke, it cut his hand. He apologized and I've never brought it up since. (Which is hard for me, because I tend to dwell on things.)

Well today we went to Sam's Club for some things. It's a little over 25 miles away, so we don't go very often, but it was time to go because we needed several items that we normally get there.

The cookie jars were out.


HOWEVER....there was a problem.

They had at least FIVE different styles. Come on! In the past they have just had a single version. Period. Having so many choices? That's just not fair. Why would they do that? Couldn't they just stick with ONE?? They were even different colors. Whose brilliant idea was it to turn a simple Saturday afternoon excursion into a decision making nightmare?

I looked at Ted and asked him which one we should get, but NOT the one with the handle. He actually looked at them instead of saying, "I don't care" or "We don't need another one."

He picked one up and said he liked the unique shape, and put it in the cart. Thank goodness.

I hate decisons like that.