Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My head is throbbing today, but my plan is to just keep on plugging away. I know that it's sinus pressure, but I'm already taking so many different medications right now, that I hate to throw anything else into the mix. So I suffer.

I've ventured out of the safe confines of the bedroom, and can post a couple of pictures of Alex in his costume Saturday night.

Yep, he went as Jim Tressel, head coach for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Fortunately everything we had to purchase to pull this costume off can be worn in the future, although knowing Alex, he'll try to get away with not wearing the athletic shoes again. He said they look like nursing shoes and they make his size 14 feet look even bigger than they are! You know what Alex??? GET OVER IT!

The sweater vest was hard to find, but we finally were able to locate it online. It's the "official" vest that Jim Tressel wears on the sidelines.

Alex borrowed the tie from The Collection of Harold. Harold is my dad and has enough ties to open his own tie shop. I'm serious. He had this big quilt rack that he kept all his ties on and one day my mom moved it to run the sweeper underneath it. BIG MISTAKE. It fell apart and for kicks, she counted the ties as she put them back on. There were over 400 (yes, that's FOUR HUNDRED)! Anyway, we knew that dad would have a tie that Alex could wear.

Alex had a great time at the party and people really enjoyed his costume, so that's all that matters.

At our old house, I would carve 3-4 pumpkins every year. I just loved carving pumpkins, no matter how messy the whole procedure was. I even cut out magazine pictures of pumpkin faces that I like, and save them in a file. Here at our new house, we don't get any trick or treaters, and our house sits about 75 feet back from the road, so it's hard to see the the carved pumpkins. Therefore, I don't carve them now, but here are a few that I did a couple of years ago. One year, back in the late 90s, I even carved "Chief Wahoo" of Cleveland Indians fame. Yes, I took pictures, but they are the old fashioned kind, real hard copies, and I never scanned them into the computer.

Have a great Halloween everyone!


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you got the idea! I had a tie you could have borrowed and glasses that we took the lenses out of. I actually found them last week when I finally cleaned the computer room.