Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Yep, I had BIG plans for this weekend....BIG PLANS. Unfortunately the weekend is going by a little faster than I had planned.

Yesterday morning Ted and Alex left for Gettysburg. It's a place where Ted likes to go, being the Civil War buff that he is. I've been there twice in my life (once with my parents and brother and believe it or not, Ted and I stopped there for a couple of days on our honeymoon). BOTH times we had car trouble. I won't be going back. To me, if you've seen one Civil War battlefield, you've seen them all. I know that's not absolutely right, but it's just not my idea of a great vacation. Lucky for Ted, Alex will go just about anywhere and seems to have an interest in history.

My plans for the weekend were to clean out my closet and go through all my clothes, getting rid of the ones that I don't wear anymore or that, ahem, don't fit. Then I was going to dust our bedroom. Okay, so that should be done every week, but it's not. It's done very rarely. Housekeeping is just NOT one of my strengths. Then I was going to sit back and watch DVDs, whether it be Dallas, Miami Vice, or Grey's Anatomy. I also wanted to fit in some pool time, not to mention getting the laundry done and the kitchen straightened up.

Well....I spent a little bit of time at my folks' yesterday, plugging in their printer and getting their antivirus straightened out. They got a new computer and I hooked it all up last weekend, but forgot to do a few things. But it all worked out and I finished it up yesterday. Thank goodness that they are patient!

Five minutes after I got home, I was in the pool. I swam and floated for a little over 2 and a half hours. The water was nice and warm, but the air was a little on the cool side. While watching TV last night I went through all 12 storage boxes of my clothes. I'm getting rid of about 1/3 of them. Right now the boxes are sitting around the bedroom, just waiting to be put away. I was too tired to do that last night. I still need to go through the dresser and then the worst part...all the stuff that's hanging up. It could be a LONG day!

I've discovered over the years that you have to be in the right frame of mind to go through your clothes. You have to be in a "throw away" mood, and definitely can NOT be sentimental. I was real honest with myself yesterday. "Have I worn this in the past year?" "Does this really fit or does it not?" "Do I have anything to wear this with?" "Does this still look nice and not worn out by a million washings?" If I answered NO to any of those questions, it got tossed in the pile to go to either the trash or Goodwill.

I have decided over the years that I don't mind working 5 days a week, but I just need a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!