Friday, September 14, 2007

She's Fine

Whew! Marina is home and just fine! One of the veterinary assistants told us that Marina is the sweetest kitten, and that made me feel good.

Ted took her in this morning and Alex and I picked her up late this afternoon. I was just about going crazy in the waiting room. There were three ANNOYING pre-teens in there, waiting for their mother and their hamster. They were playing with all the dogs that were brought in and were waiting to be seen. They were running in and out of the office, and going back by the exam rooms. They were getting in the way of the other people who were there and basically driving me crazy. Alex would look at me and just grin...he knew what I was thinking. I even whispered to him that the kids were annoying.

We must have waited there for almost an hour before they called us back to talk to the vet. Have I ever mentioned that I just LOVE our vet??? He is absolutely wonderful with Pepina and Marina and us too. He talked to us about her bloodwork (just fine) and showed us and explained her x-rays (also just fine). He talked a little about the actual procedure and said that it took about 20 minutes, and that she was actually under the anesthetic for about 30 minutes. He said he took out her uterus and her ovaries and that there are three layers of stitches, two internal that will dissolve, and one exterior set that will need to be removed in 10-14 days. He also said that they put two tubes down her throat (that news made me cringe a little...she has a teeny tiny throat) during the surgery.

Of course I called them around 11 am to see if she had been done yet and how she was doing. They said she had been done and was sleeping. They also told me that she had gotten through it just fine. Poor little thing...I'm such a freaking wimp.

Anyway, she's resting now, but slowly walked around a little before settling down. She's not interested in drinking or eating anything. The vet said to offer her about a fourth of what she normally eats later on tonight, then her regular amount starting tomorrow morning. I have a feeling that she will drink if I give her a little water downed milk, so I may do that later on.

I'm just so relieved that she made it through everything alright.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear both mother and child made it through okay. The first thing on my list of To Do's was to check your blog this evening because I just knew there would be an update :o)Truly happy she is fine and I love you for being so compassionate. Ter