Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Patients

Yesterday was a rough day...first of all there was Marina getting spayed. Okay, I know you've heard enough about that already. Then there was me being slightly neurotic about her spaying. Again, I've heard enough about THAT too.

But there was also another patient.

Peg (Ted's sister) had arthroscopic knee surgery done yesterday. Her left knee has been giving her a lot of trouble and she has been off work (as an x-ray tech at our local hospital) for over a month. She has tried a cortisone shot and even went to the chiropractor for several treatments since this all began a few months ago. Some things worked temporarily, but then the pain would return with a vengeance.

(This is Peg with Michael, our great nephew and her grandson, taken this past summer in Myrtle Beach.)

Peg would talk to Ted because he went through arthroscopic knee surgery in mid April. He filled her in on things about his situation in regards to visiting the orthopaedist, the MRI, the actual surgery, follow up physical therapy, getting around with a healing knee, etc. Ted had torn cartilage, otherwise known as a torn meniscus (meniscus has become his new favorite word...he says it at least 5 times a day). Ted had a few other knee issues as he went through the recovery process and has just this past week declared that he thinks his knee is doing pretty good now, and is as good as it's probably going to get.

When Ted had his surgery at the local ambulatory surgical center, they had me write "NO" on his good knee with a Sharpie marker. We sure didn't want any mistakes as to which knee to operate on!They let me see him right before his surgery and he was actually looking forward to it so that he would get some relief from the pain he'd been having.

And then after his surgery he was in a little bit of a "fog" in case you can't tell. I should have gotten his knee in this picture, but I wasn't thinking. Heck, I even forgot to bring my camera and took these shots with my phone! They didn't come out too badly either.

Anyway, Peg went through her surgery yesterday and it sounds as though there was a little more trouble in there than the doctor originally thought. But the GOOD news is that she's not in any pain! Last night, the only thing that hurt was her throat, and that was from the tube they had put down. I talked to her a little while ago and she said that her throat is fine now and she still doesn't have any pain from her knee. She has a prescription for a strong painkiller, but hasn't even needed to take it yet. Although Ted wasn't in dire pain after his surgery, he was achy and took the painkillers. But he was surprised that he wasn't in much more pain than he was. Peg is also surprised.

Peg is hopeful that this will take care of all her pain and that she will be able to get back to work in 5 or 6 weeks. She really enjoys her job and the social perks it entails.

As for Marina...she's been walking around here, and jumping off the bed and chair. She's sleeping a little more than usual and trying to bite her stitches, but she's well on the road to recovery!

It's such a relief to know that two of our loved ones made it through yesterday with flying colors!


Anonymous said...

Lovely article! I am wondering, what leads Ted to say "meniscus" at least five times a day? Is he doing a comic routine where he substitutes the word "meniscus" for the word that "normal" people would use? Like: Please pass the "meniscus"? - Have you seen my "meniscus", I can't find it. - I'm going to mow the "meniscus" then go for a dip in the "menicus".

A Curious Fan