Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They'll always be your child

My oldest son is 20 years old and is going through a difficult time right now. Since he was young, around 7 or 8, he's been following wrestling. Now I'm not talking about pins and points type wrestling, but smashing chairs, and bouncing off the ropes type of wrestling. Joey is such a huge wrestling fan that he will gladly pay up to $50 for a pay-per-view of a special wrestling event. And Joey is NOT a spender! Last summer he saved everything he earned at his summer job, with the exception of about $75!

One of the first wrestlers that caught his eye was a Canadian guy, Chris Benoit. For some unknown reason, this man murdered his wife this past Friday, murdered his 7 year old son on Saturday, and either late Sunday or early Monday, committed suicide. I'll spare the details, because that's not the point here.

The point is that Joey is struggling with why a guy that he admired for his "acting" and wrestling would do such a thing. Of course in our conversations we've mentioned enhancement drugs and various steroids. I've also mentioned possible personal "demons" that never showed themselves.

Joey is hurting over this, and no matter how old he is, it's hard to watch your child suffer. I think that I can understand the depth of his hurt and disappointment, but I'm sure that it's deeper than I can imagine. Wrestling is something that is really important to him. I wish I could make him feel better about all of this....but I can't.


Melanie said...

I feel for Joey. Such a terrible thing to happen and something that cannot be easily explained. No matter how old our children become we will always want to protect them from tragedies life gives us.