Friday, June 15, 2007


Ahhhh yes...our firstborn. What a joy it's been! Looking back, I sort of feel sorry for Joey in a way. He had to endure all the mistakes we made as first time parents. It's a wonder he still likes us! Hopefully we've learned along the way. He's 20 years old and will be in his third year of college this fall, so I'm hoping that we're about finished making mistakes! This picture is Joey eating the Cheerios that I was giving him, a quarter piece at a time (see what I mean about being overly cautious?!?)

He has grown up so much in the past few years. This is his second summer working for the county road and bridge department and he has taken his responsibilities there very seriously. He has never been late to work (6:30 am - 4:30 pm) and he has never missed a day. Last summer the 4th of July was on a Tuesday and they told the summer college kids that they didn't have to come in on Monday if they didn't want to. Of course they wouldn't get paid for Monday if they didn't come in, but they could have the day off. Joey went in to work and said that only 1 or 2 other college kids came in. I doubt that he even realizes how proud that made us of him. He told us very simply that he wanted the money.

Which leads to another topic in which he has shown SO much responsibility. He saves his money. I mean, he SAVES every penny that he can. WOW. A couple of months after he graduated from high school he wanted to get a CD (the money kind, not the music kind) and he asked my mom to call around for rates. He went with the best rate and a few months later, he told me, "Mom, I know that most people put money in a CD and forget about it. Not me... I lie awake at night wondering how much I made in interest that day." WHAT A KID!

For several summers he also worked at Ted's Dad's hybrid seed corn farm with his Uncle Tim. Some of the work was easy, but some of it wasn't, and Joey never complained about it, not one little bit. He just loved that he was making money at it. Unfortunately Ted's Dad passed away in March of 2004 and the family decided to dissolve the business, leaving both Joey and Uncle Tim out of a job. Uncle Tim was hired almost immediately by another seed company, but since it was a summer job for Joey, he took a summer off before starting at the county.

Joey is extremely intelligent, but sometimes tries to hide it because then he won't be expected to do certain things, thereby making him even more intelligent, if you follow my drift. He wasn't motivated in high school, so did enough to get by. In college however, he's very motivated and studies a good bit. His grades show it too. We're so proud of him.

Here's a picture of him dancing with his cousin Kelly at her wedding on May 13, 2006.

He bought a car before he started his senior year in high school. He wasn't too thrilled with the car, but we told him that we had final say on a vehicle he purchased even though he was using his own money. There were a few that he really liked, but we just didn't feel they were right for him. Yes, sometimes parents know best, or at least we THINK we do. He is still driving that same car because he doesn't want to spend money on a newer one.

Ted and I are so fortunate to have two wonderful sons...yes, they argue and fight at times, but I know that deep down, they really love each other.