Saturday, June 9, 2007

Our Pool

It's close to being finished...the water is in (more water than this...this picture was taken just as they were starting to fill it!), the electrician has been here and done his thing, and now we're just waiting on the concrete guys to pour on Monday. The pool people will also come to put in the ladder, put up the diving board, start the chemicals, etc. Hopefully that will also be Monday. Ted has to do a couple of things to finish up tying in the gasline to the heater and then we'll have warm water too!

The fence guy was here yesterday, but he left a couple of minutes before I got back from picking up Alex from work, so Ted talked to him. This morning I had another thought about something in regards to the fence, so I called him, but he doesn't work on Saturdays. I left a message for him to call me Monday. They put their orders in on Mondays, so I want to make sure that this gets in on time. It will be the end of the month before the fence can actually be put in, but I don't want any delays once they get started.

As the project has moved along, the boys, along with Ted and I have become more and more excited about it. I mentioned to Ted that the whole thing would be even more thrilling if we turned off the air conditioning for a while and the pool would be the only way to cool off!
Nah, I can't be that cruel!