Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't they ever go FORWARD???

This past winter our family corporation sold some land to a manufacturing company.

(Did you notice that I wrote family corporation? Yep, we are really hot sh*t, being that we have a family corporation, you know. It makes me laugh just to think about it. This is why there are attorneys...they suggest things like family corporations when they think it will be beneficial to you, hahaha! And by the way, we're definitely NOT hot sh*t!)

Anyway, this land that we sold is behind U.T. and A.P.'s house, down the hill, and across the bypass, probably half a mile away as the crow flies. The company that purchased this land from us is working with a deadline. They have to be in their new facility by December 31, 2007 (which I SERIOUSLY doubt will happen, but what do I know?? There is absolutely NO SIGN of any building going on yet, or any type of building material on site.)

Ted and I have french doors in our bedroom that open up to the back patio, not to be confused with the back porch that opens up off the kitchen. (When we were in the process of building I was informed that there is a difference between a patio and a porch. A patio is NOT covered, and a porch IS covered. And yes, we have one of each. In fact the back patio is rounded and Ted and Harry, a friend of ours, thought that it would make a nice stage for a band for Alex's graduation party in TWO years. Sorry guys, not anymore since we put the pool in!)

I digress, as usual.

Many nights we sleep with the door open in our bedroom. The screen door is locked, but the big door is open because we like the fresh air blowing in. That, along with the ceiling fan and the air conditioning kicking on occasionally throughout the night, makes for good sleeping. (And by the way, my dad isn't to know that we do this, being that he's retired law enforcement, so mum's the word.)

Six mornings a week (thank goodness they take Sundays off!) we can hear the heavy equipment at the site start up and go backwards. The continual "beep....beep....beep" of whatever pieces of equipment they are using can slowly drive you insane. It's like torture. It WILL continue. You have NO control over it. It wakes me up, and I'm not a happy camper when I'm awakened in the morning. I'm much better if I wake up on my own. Oh, did I mention that they usually start around 6 am???? Yes, that's SIX in the morning, as in one hour after FIVE am.


Yesterday afternoon I was out in the pool for a little while. BEEP....BEEP....BEEP.

I swear, they only go backwards, never forwards. That must be a real challenge, to push around dirt while going backwards. They do this all freaking day long, until around 5 pm.

Do they not realize that it's summer and I am a teacher and I enjoy my summers which means that I like to sleep in a little??? Do they not know that BEEP....BEEP....BEEP is okay to hear for a few minutes, but not all day long??? Do they not know that if they go FORWARD, it won't BEEP....BEEP....BEEP???

Is it a guy thing to constantly go backwards? "My 'BEEP....BEEP....BEEP' is louder than yours."

Yes, I'm grateful that we sold the land and made a little bit of money off the deal (which really wasn't that much considering that the aforementioned attorney got his cut, the realtor got his cut, and the fees that we had to pay were enormous, and the rest of it had to be divided up three ways). I'm also grateful that this company will be adding over 100 jobs to the community in the next year or so (it would really be great if one of those jobs would be for my oldest son who will have a business degree after only 2 more years of college).

And I'm MOST grateful for the fact that are NOT working on the land 24/7.