Sunday, September 14, 2008

My "Sure To Be" Unpopular Thoughts

Like many other Americans I have been watching the television coverage of Hurricane Ike (with an occasional break, like to see the Ohio State Buckeyes get TROUNCED by the USC Trojans last night, how pathetic) and getting more and more frustrated with each passing hour.

Before I get started, let me first say that I live in OHIO, nowhere near any of the places that are in the paths of hurricanes, so therefore, I know nothing about what it's like to be forced to leave my home for my and my family's safety. Perhaps if I did know what that was like, my thoughts would be different.

Residents of many coastal communities in Texas were ordered to evacuate late last week. From what I understand, about half of them did. Then when the approaching hurricane got really close, about half of the remaining residents fled.

For those that stayed behind....I don't understand why you are begging to be rescued now that Ike has gone through? You were ordered to evacuate. You chose to defy those orders. Now you want help because you ignored common sense?

I was raised to be responsible for my actions, and so was Ted. We have raised our sons the same way. If you insist on choosing to do stupid things, then you better be prepared to get yourself out of the messes you find yourself in.

Maybe there's something I don't get about it.

If you're told to leave by the authorities....then LEAVE. Don't stay around and then ask to be rescued after the fact. Now the police and fire departments, along with other groups, are putting their lives on the line to save those who didn't follow the orders.

Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to those who have lost their homes, their vehicles, and everything else they own. I can't imagine what they are going through, or dealing with, or what they will be returning to.

From what I've seen on the news reports, there was nothing that the people who remained in their homes were able to do to lessen any of the why did they stay?

I guess I just don't get it.


edbteach said...


I am from the coastal area of Texas (as you already know!) and I agree with you 100%

My dad and I were having this same conversation just yesterday. We feel that these people should be charged for having to be rescued. (Not that funds would ever be collected, but, you know . . .)

If I were ordered to evacuate, I would go. I don't know where I would go because we live paycheck to paycheck and have no emergency fund (Yes, I know, we need to work on that!)

Sometimes people stay because they have no where to go and/or no funds to go.

Some old timers stay because they've been through it before and were told to evacuate and nothing happened.

Like the mayor of New Orleans said about Gustav people evacuated (because they were scared from Katrina) and for the most part everything was fine. Those people will be less likely to evacuate next time they are told to. (Which is why so many people were still in town when Katrina hit - well that was one reason any way.)


(I'm sorry my comment turned into a novel!)

Jen said...

I agree. I do live in hurricane central, and we had plans to evacuate if Ike headed for us.

PERBS said...

I guess they stayed to prevent looting? I guess their possessions meant more than their lives?

docgrumbles said...

Similar things were said after Katrina.

With Katrina, I knew the population well, and I knew many of the families simply didn't have cars or didn't watch the news (Katrina came on suddenly, while Ike had a slow approach). Many had nowhere to go or wanted to guard their property. I am not as familar with galveston's population, but I would guess many just felt protective of their belongings or dreaded evacuating (heck, it is a horrendous process, and people died in that area during Rita's evacuation due to to traffic issues).

Plus, as edbteach points out, all it takes is one awful evacuation that is NOT followed by mass destruction to make people hesitate to leave. Folks in that area have had false alarms before, just like N.O. had had quite a few before Katrina. People get used to storms turning or weakening at the last minute, and they get complacent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ike showed up for the Browns game. Wasn't my fault. LOL!! Some thoughts on Ohio football. I'll start with my beloved Buckeyes. Boeckman stinks! Put the new kid in, and let's get him groomed for the starting spot. Next, OSU is getting back to the old, predictable style of ball that they used to play in the late 60.s and 70's. Ok, run it up the middle, everybody knows thats what we are going to do, but lets do it anyway. May have worked back then, but it's sure making us a laughing stock now.

Browns?? Release Anderson, start Quinn, and give Crennel 2 more games to get rid of his rectal cranial inversion, and then fire him. Jeese I miss Marty Schottenheimer!! Cheers!!

An old friend!