Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just One More

Just one more DIBELS story...

(those of you who are not familiar with DIBELS won't find this at all amusing, but those who ARE familiar with it, may get a kick out of it)

A little first grader came in for his assessment. I always talk to the kids for a minute or so, before we get started. After chatting with this little boy, he looked down at the notebook we have all the 1st grade materials in and he said....

"I know all about the Devil's Test!"

I couldn't top that if I had to.

(Yes, he had done DIBELS in kindergarten last year and obviously remembered it!)

DIBELS....Devil's....yep, they ironically DO sound just a little bit alike!


Leeann said...

Thanks, Cindi. Would you still like the picture if I told you I made them do it? lol They are usually racing each other down the court like a couple of Banshees!

Regarding Dibels, I looked it up on Google because I hadn't heard of it. It looks pretty controversial, but what isn't in education these days?


PERBS said...

hehehehehe Out of the mouth of babes. You should submit that to your local teacher's union paper.

Angie in OH said...

It sounds like he knows what he's talking about! :) I do feel sorry for the kids sometimes with all the different tests they have to go through.