Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Guy

My husband is a wonderful man. I've sung his praises high and low here, and will continue to do so, as long as he keeps being such a terrific guy.

He does the grocery shopping.

He takes care of the yard work.

He puts gas in the car. (I do NOT do gas. Period.)

He takes care of me when I'm sick.

He clears the table after dinner.

He does all of this and more, and I'm so thankful for him.

Today he showed me yet again that I made the right decision when I married him.

I had a rotten day at work. Totally rotten. I'm only one woman and apparently that hasn't been noticed yet. Without going into too much detail (that would bore all of you anyway) I've just been put into a position where my workload is seriously increasing.

I got home from work a few minutes after 4:00, and I called Ted to ask him if he'd made a specific phone call today. He had said yesterday morning that he would try to do it. He had to work late yesterday and I didn't get home until almost 5:30. I was hoping he would take care of it today.

He said that he hadn't had time to do it today, and I said I was just checking, because if he hadn't, I would do it right then. He told me to go ahead and make the call. Then I told him I had a bad day. That's all I said. He said he'd be home shortly and we'd talk then.

I made the phone call, then had to call my sister-in-law to see how she made it through her colonoscopy today. While I was talking to her, Ted walked in, said he was going to take a shower and that he was taking me out to dinner.

How nice is that??

He took a shower and got dressed, I finished my phone call, and he said that he could tell I was upset and didn't want me to have to worry about fixing dinner and that we were going to go out.

We went to Red Lobster and they're having their Endless Shrimp promotion. That's what I got, of course. I ordered three kinds of shrimp and ate one. I brought home Shrimp Linguini Alfredo (lunch tomorrow) and Shrimp Scampi (lunch on Thursday).

As we were leaving we ran into some acquaintances and had a nice long chat.

By the time we got home, I was feeling much better. I will do the best I can at work, but I am DONE putting in so much extra time. I have a life outside of that building and I'm going to enjoy it.

(Okay, so I've said this before, but THIS TIME I really mean it!)


Terre said...

Sorry about your bad day, I can totally relate with the being overwhelmed at work. I've decided we have a serious disorder called "care2much". If we were able to not give a crap we'd leave school like others do at the minute the kids were released. Unfortunately Rus did not get the gene that makes Ted so understanding to your bad days, if I have a bad day I don't even get to talk about it because it isn't like I do anything 'hard", I just babysit kids all day, I don't have the stress that a Federal Employee does. Oh poo, I wish I could get my hubby to sit like a mouse in the corner and deal with a room full of special needs all day :o) Maybe Ted can give an online course to other hubby's out there.

Angie in OH said...

That stinks having a bad day like that...but what a happy ending! And what a wonderful hubby. :)

Leeann said...

Aw, I'm glad your husband was so sensitive to your needs and took such good care of you. What a guy!

I'm willing to bet you do the same thing for him too.


Kara said...

That is so nice!! Yes, you need to leave the building, do not work yourself to death. When I was staying up at school until 9:00 at night doing things I realized something had to change:)

Jen said...

Oh, that is so nice! I'm glad you had such a good dinner.

edbteach said...

I'm jealous! I have seen the commercials about the shrimp and we haven't been yet! Wah!

I totally agree with terre about the care2much gene.

My hubby is good but he's like, "Is anyone else worrying about this (ehatever it is)? If not, then why are you?"

PERBS said...

What a nice gesture for hubby to make. Take care of yourself first before doing all that extra crap they demand of you at school.