Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ted Jolie

Oh my....Ted started some different medication last night and he has had some kind of a reaction to it.

It's really not funny, but I'm finding it hysterical, and to be honest, so is he.

This morning he said, "Look at my lips. LOOK AT MY LIPS!"

I looked at them, then really looked at them. I started to smile and he said, "It looks like I've had freaking BOTOX!"

I told him that his lips looked like Angelina Jolie's. They're all puffy and swollen.

Once we stopped laughing about it, I called the doctor's office, and the poor receptionist was laughing so hard about the Angelina Jolie reference that she could barely talk to the nurse. Anyway, the nurse said that he was to discontinue the new antibiotic and check the pharmacy this afternoon for a different one.

This whole sickness has been so hard on Ted. I feel so bad for him. However, something good has come from this.

He and I both believe in "signs." We are approaching the four year anniversary of his dad's death. My father in law died of lung cancer, and had smoked rather heavily for 60 years. Ted is also a smoker. He tried to really cut back after his knee surgery last April, especially since his orthopaedic surgeon said that if he didn't quit, he'd be dead in 10 years.

Ted did well for a month or so, then gradually started smoking more and more until he was almost back at his pre-surgery frequency. Although I've never smoked, I can completely understand the addiction. Afterall, I'm addicted to food, and I readily admit it.

He's felt so lousy that he hasn't gone outside for a cigarette in over a week and a half. After a couple days, his comment was, "Don't get excited...I haven't quit."

But for the past 4 or 5 days, he's said, "That's it. I'm done with smoking." Thank goodness!!

I know this will be a difficult journey for him, but the boys and I will support him in every way possible. I'm SO proud of him for wanting to do this!

He and I both feel that this is a sign from his dad and he's really taking heed.

Changing the subject here, yes, it's the middle of the day, and I'm writing a post. You know what that means. Yep, another snow day. This is day number SIX, so it will be made up this Monday on Presidents Day. We were supposed to have it off, but will now be in school.

I love the snow, but I'm hoping we can get back to school tomorrow!

(By the way, Ted told me I could write about his lips in today's post. He said that RON would get a kick out of it!)


Anonymous said...

For Gosh sake get back to work, you are depressing me with these days off.LOL We had an ice storm last night, no kidding every other person was on their butt, there was a 9 hour traffic jam from DC, 15 car accidents in less than 15 minutes on rt. 66 near us, and the Springfield mixing bowl (a big series of over passes all turned to ice instantly at the same time and even the salt trucks couldn't get traction to do their jobs.) Rus got home at 9:30 pm from work. Trees are breaking from the beautiful ice that makes them look like sculptures and at 5;30 this morning the God's that be decided that we would open two hours late...whoo whoo. The ice didn't just disappear folks but since the weather reports that we are having the same during rush hour again tonight that they canceled after school nice of them. We haven't had a snow day yet in our district the superintendent doesn't believe in them I swear. A lot of our teachers drive 40 miles or more to school each day and the districts they live in have closed their schools but not ours. :o) We never get off President's day, here near DC the only holiday they celebrate is Martin Luther King day. Tell Ted I'm sure he looks hot, I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic once and my whole body was covered in itchy hives and my lips swelled AND my water broke so I went through labor in a mass of hives so at least he isn't pregnant :o) Love Ter

Paulie said...

I hope hubby is well real soon!

I had an allergic reaction to Codeine after some dental work many years ago. My face swelled up like a balloon and I was so embarrassed to be seen in public. My dentist had left on vacation and I had to go across town to a sub dentist. I don't drive so I had to ride public transportation -- otherwise known as the city bus -- and got so many stares! I refuse to take Codeine ever since.

I look forward to the next installment of your love story. I guess I missed reading the post below this too. . . see you there!