Monday, February 11, 2008

Snow Day #4

So technically it's really not a SNOW day, but it's a COLD day. There's no snow on the ground, but with the wind chill it was down to about -15 earlier this morning.

We started off last night with a 2 hour delay for this morning. That was reported close to 9:00 pm. By around 10:20 last night, it turned into NO SCHOOL. It was sooooooooo windy yesterday and into last night, and through early this morning. Right now it's up to 8 degrees (above zero) and with the wind chill it's -5.

Here in Ohio we are granted FIVE calamity days that do NOT need to be made up. Anything over and above that alotted FIVE, does need to be made up. We are at number four today. Of course NO ONE wants to finish a school year with any UNused calamity days...they're like a little bonus!

Now we're getting into that gray area though, where we'll still take them, but let's be careful how they're used, because we do NOT want to use more than 5. It's not fun when the beginning of June arrives and we're making up days.

One year we had a terrible ice storm on January 2 while we were still off for Christmas break. The ice then turned to snow and it stayed so cold that the snow wouldn't melt, and the ice was still underneath it. We ended up having an additional TWO WEEKS off because of that! We ended up with a Christmas break that lasted four weeks and it was awful! We also had a few other snow days thrown in throughout the winter and we only took Good Friday off for Easter to make some of them up.

Well today I'm going to try to use my day in a productive fashion. I might clean the bedroom...or I might not. I might do some cooking...or I might not. I might try to straighten up and organize the den...or I might not. I might do some more laundry...or I might not.

Or I might not do anything.

Tough choice.