Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I have a few comments on that, but need to mention a few other things before I do.

First things first....we had school today, yippeeeee!!!! So Terre, from your lips to our superintendent's ears! It was a rather confusing day, with everyone thinking it was Monday, instead of Thursday, but we'll all get it worked out. It was just nice to be able to go back. There is, however, a rumor floating around that there's going to be snow again next week. That's fine with me, but just don't let it be so much that it will cancel school!

Secondly, Ted Jolie is no more. His first comment this morning was, "I'm afraid to look in the mirror. I may see Jimmy Durante!" (For those of you who don't know who Jimmy Durante is, you'll have to do a little research on your own!)

Fortunately everything on his face is normal sized right now. He's still coughing a lot and can't get a deep breath, but he's feeling a little bit better. If this keeps up, he may get to go to work next week. I think he missed Alex and me today, since we were both back at school, but that's okay. He was able to get along just fine without us.

Now, for Valentine's Day...I hope all of you have a great day filled with love, either from a loved one, a pet, or yourself!

We have friends who were actually married on Valentine's Day, so Happy 27th Anniversary Mario and Vickie! Mario is the contractor who built our house, and two years ago, for their 25th anniversary, he was spending a lot of time here. I was giving him suggestions for a nice gift for her...something along the jewelry line, but he just seemed to have a problem with the beautiful ring I had seen at a local jewelry shop. He liked the idea of the three diamonds (past, present, and future). He liked the idea of it being platinum. He liked the idea that it came from a local shop, and not "the mall." HOWEVER, he wasn't too crazy about the price... $32,000. I really can't say as I blame him! He did end up getting her a very nice necklace at the jewelry shop though, and she was very happy with it.

Ted and I have never made a big deal out of Valentine's Day. We say the requisite "Happy Valentine's Day" to each other and sometimes exchange cards and candy. But we express our love and affection other ways throughout the year. He's so good to me. He does anything and everything I ask him to do. In addition to taking care of all the outside stuff here, he also helps inside. He has never once in all our years of being married, asked me to make dinner. I do that because I want to, although it seems to be happening a little less often these days. I'm so fortunate to have married a man like him.

There's just one teensy, weensy little thing. It took about 20-some years before he asked what my favorite flower is. Now he knows!

I love pink roses!

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Cindi and Ted" will be continued....tomorrow!


Kelly said...

That's my favorite flower, too (hence the wedding)! Glad to hear Uncle Ted's finally starting to recover from whatever it is he caught. Talk to you soon!

Paulie said...

Beautiful roses.

Do you have a new background?