Friday, February 22, 2008

Slight Change in Plans

Today I was planning on writing the next chapter in the "Cindi and Ted" story, but instead it's a very BRIEF installment in the "What could go wrong NOW?" story.

Alex and I were both home today as there was no school anywhere in the county due to the snow that we got. Joey is always home on Fridays, as he has no classes on Fridays. Of course Ted was here.

I called the doctor's office for Ted to see if the report came back yet about the blood work and/or the x-ray from yesterday. The nurse called back to tell him that his blood work was just fine but his x-ray report may not be back until Monday.

Then Ted was in another room and moved suddenly, and his back went out. When that happens, he's absolutely miserable. Today was no different. So in addition to wheezing, coughing, being short of breath, and just feeling generally LOUSY, his back is out of alignment.

I suggested that I call the chiropractor for him to see if he could get in today and he bellowed, I mean he nicely suggested, that I wait to see if he could straighten up first. After a couple of hours of moaning and groaning, I told him that I was calling. He said that I probably should.

(Didn't I want to do that originally??)

I called and the receptionist said that he should come up right away. When I told him that, he BELLOWED again, I mean he nicely mentioned, that he needed to get his shoes on. After he did that, I asked if he wanted me to drive him and he said YES.

(Darn it, I should have taken that mind reading class in college.)

Off we went. He was in there for about 25 minutes, and when he came out he said he felt much better. I didn't go in with him because I knew we were in a hurry and I didn't take the time to change from sweat pants into jeans and I also didn't change from my slippers to real shoes. Besides, he and the chiropractor spend a lot of time together and I thought he could handle it, which he did.

When we got home, Alex said that the doctor's office had called and said that his x-ray report came back just fine. It didn't show anything out of the ordinary, thank goodness.

Just a little while ago, he meanly yelled, I mean casually asked in a pleasant manner, for me to help him get up out of the chair so he could go to the bathroom.

(Again, that mind reading class would have come in pretty handy.)

He told me to get the cane out of the closet so he could attempt to stand up and didn't want me to help pull him up. However he did take my hand and it cracked a few times because he was holding it so tightly. Then he used the cane as a base and rolled off the chair onto his knee, then eventually stood up and somehow made it to the bathroom.

He's back in his chair now, thank goodness, and I'm off to finish some of the chores I started earlier today.

I sure hope that nothing else happens because we've had about all we can deal with for now, especially Ted!


Neal, Kelly, & Michael said...

Glad to hear everything's going well with the oncologist! Poor U.T. He's really been put through the wringer lately. I hope he feels better VERY soon, for ALL of your sakes! We're praying for you!

Paulie said...

I am glad the roads were clear enough to travel for that trip! Prayers for yoru family. Blessings! I was looking for the next installment of your love story. . . :o(

Paulie said...

BTW, I have been meaning to ask, what inspired you to change your blog look and have the info on the left?