Friday, November 9, 2007


Yes, every once in a while I tend to ramble on and on, and this may be one of those posts.

First of all, I'm sick of being sick!

The medication I've been on has helped just a little, but not enough. Yesterday morning I called the doctor's office and left a message with the receptionist. The nurse called me back...TWICE. I happened to be at home because we had Parent-Teacher Conferences and our hours were noon to 7:30 pm.

When the nurse called me back the second time, she told me that the doctor wanted me to go to the Emergency Room for a breathing treatment. Oh joy. I told her that I didn't have time to go in the morning, but would go once I was home from conferences. She told me that it was up to me, and that I would know how much distress I could handle.

Since I spend two afternoons a week at a different building, I was required to spend a little time at that building for conferences. I was there for the first two hours yesterday, then went to my regular building. We had a break from 4:00-5:00, so around 3:30 I called the hospital that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from school.

This is a small local hospital and it reminds me of the kind of hospital that Mayberry would have, if indeed Mayberry had a hospital! There is a larger local hospital closer to where I live and that's the one that I usually use, although the Mayberry Hospital was where I had my last colonoscopy.

So anyway, I called the Mayberry Hospital and talked to someone in ER. I explained my situation and her comment was, "We're open 24 hours a day." Well, no crap. I sort of figured that one out on my own. Then I asked if they were very busy. I was hoping to get over there, get in, have a breathing treatment, get out, and be back at school in that one hour time frame. She said, "Yes, we're very busy right now."

Her responses had an attitude and I didn't appreciate that. Fine. Thanks and good-bye.

As the evening wore on, I was feeling worse and worse and by the time I got home I was not doing well. I walked in, changed clothes, and Ted and I left for the bigger hospital by 7:45 pm. Gotta love emergency rooms, paperwork, and protocol. We got home at 10:15. I had a 20 minute breathing treatment, took a pill, and got a prescription. The rest of the time there was spent playing the "Hurry up and wait" game. However, I do feel better and that's the most important thing.

Today we have a Waiver Day at school, which basically means meetings, so I took yet another sick day to stay home to try to continue to recover from this crap.


On another note, I got this brilliant idea to send Jim Tressel (head football coach for THE Ohio State Buckeyes!) an email with Alex's picture in which he was dressed up as the coach. I mentioned a couple other things in the email, but kept it short and sweet. I sent this Wednesday night.


Now I realize that he may not answer his own email, but still it's wonderful PR that he has SOMEONE do it for him if it turns out that he doesn't. It was a personalized email too, not just a standard reply. He commented specifically on something I mentioned in the message.

This morning I checked my email again and saw that yesterday morning I received an email from a guy who runs and he said (and I quote),

"Coach Tressel asked me to post the photo you sent him on his website, in the “Buckeye Kids” photo gallery. You can access this image by clicking on the following link:

Thanks again and GO BUCKS!"

Is that cool or what?? I checked the link and saw that Alex is by far the OLDEST kid there, but that's okay. Some of the children are absolutely adorable!

And for the record, it was not real easy to track down Jim Tressel's email address, but perseverance pays off!


One more rambling...CONGRATULATIONS to Christa's husband Dave, who was the TOP VOTE GETTER in Tuesday's election as he ran for school board! There were SIX candidates for THREE seats, and he had the most votes!

I have confidence in the fact that he will always put the best interest of our district's children first.

********************************************** how was YOUR week??


Anonymous said...

I love the picture posted on Jim Tressel's web page. Alex is sooo cute.