Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Technology Challenged

I thought I was doing the right thing a few days ago when I downloaded Internet Explorer 7.0, but as soon as I did that, there were problems with my computer. I restarted the computer. That didn't help. I didn't do anything else that night and I was really hoping that the problem would just sort of go away on its own, BUT NO SUCH LUCK.

The next step was to try a system restore. Unfortunately a screen came up and said that it was unable to restore to the point I wanted. That made me mad.

Okay, on to the next step. I'll just uninstall IE 7, BUT, will I still be able to connect to the internet? Well, I just decided that I would reinstall IE 6 first, THEN uninstall IE 7.

Of course, Microsoft WOULDN'T let me do that. A screen came up that said that I already had a newer version of Internet Explorer on the computer.

THEN, I decided to download Firefox. The very second that was downloaded, I went to "Add or Remove Programs" and got RID of IE 7. After restarting the computer as I was told I HAD to do, I couldn't wait for this thing to fire back up.

Well, wouldn't you know it...the Internet Explorer icon was STILL THERE! I clicked on it, then clicked on "About" and discovered that IE 6 was back!! It must have never left, and idiot that I am, never freaking realized it.

And this is why I am sticking with my day job.