Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This is my favorite holiday. I know I've mentioned it before, but that's okay. I'm saying it again.


This is a holiday in which families get together and eat and talk and eat and lay around and eat and do very little of anything else. There are no gifts involved, so we're not trying to find the perfect present. All that's really required is that you create a good meal.

Uh oh. Yep, there's that cooking thing again.

It's okay....I can handle it nowadays. There were times when I couldn't, but I can now. In fact... I can handle it SO darn well that we're going to do it TWICE THIS YEAR!!

This Sunday we'll be having Ted's family here for Thanksgiving. Yes, I realize that his family is my family and my family is his family, but this is just an easy way to describe it without going into a class on family genealogy.

I came up with this idea last year, for all of us to get together the Sunday before the "real" Thanksgiving since we would all be going to the "other" side of the family's get togethers on Thanksgiving Day. It went over very well, and everyone seemed to have a good time, so I decided that I would venture down the same path again this year. The turkey is in the refrigerator thawing slowly as I type. There will be about 12 of us, so that won't be too bad.

On Thanksgiving Day we will be having my family here to celebrate and I'll get to cook again. I really don't mind because Ted helps. Alex will help too, but with complaints. Joey will also help some, but with an attitude. That's okay's all worth it. There will be 12-13 of us again that day.

Thanksgiving hasn't always been my favorite holiday. As a child, of course it was Christmas, but not just because we got a lot of presents, but mostly because we got to see some relatives that we didn't normally see all the time. After getting married, I still wasn't a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but then somewhere around the time Joey was born, it started to hit me...this isn't too bad.

I have a couple more Thanksgiving stories to share over the next week, but for now let's just say that it's time to bring out the pots and pans and have a wonderful time!