Sunday, November 25, 2007


I was born in northeast Ohio and lived there until I was 9 years old. Due to my dad's promotion and transfer we moved a little over an hour south and now reside in east central Ohio.

Football is BIG in northeast Ohio AND east central Ohio. Not only is it BIG, but it's HUGE! An excellent autumn weekend is when our high school team wins on Friday night, the Buckeyes win on Saturday, and the Browns win on Sunday. Unfortunately we've had a holdout for the last few years. It seems as though the Cleveland Browns just didn't want to cooperate. This year, however, the tide is turning a little.

After today's game the Browns are now 7-4, and have won their last 5 home games in a row. Even the "P" word has been whispered throughout the area. (For those, NOT in the know...the "P" word is playoffs.)

Today as we were watching the game, there were some amazing plays by several Browns players. I made a comment that wasn't met with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but I still stand behind it.

"They SHOULD be making plays like that since they ARE professionals AND are making several million dollars a year."

Maybe I expect a lot, but if someone is going to pay me several MILLION dollars a year, then I better make sure that I complete every assignment given to me and that it is completed without any errors.

I am a professional educator, and I make it my JOB to continue to make myself better at what I do. I read articles and try to implement ideas that I feel will benefit the students I work with. I try to find ways to solve any problems I come across within my teaching, and I make sure that I am prepared for each and every lesson that I teach.

Professional football players should do the same thing. They should work at doing what they need to do to be successful, each and every week. When they miss a ball that is being thrown to them, or miss a tackle, or miss a reasonable field goal attempt, or make a STUPID move that results in a penalty, then they are not being professional. If they were not playing at the level they are OR if they only made $40,000 a year, then there might be a little wiggle room.

But heck, is it asking too much for them to make the plays that they are HIRED to make??? And very well financially compensated to make??

I realize that many of you may disagree with my opinion, but that is your choice. In the meantime, I'm not in total awe of Kellen Winslow (don't even get me started on the lack of respect for the Browns Organization that he displayed a few years ago!) Yes, he's a good player, and he SHOULD be. As should Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, and all the rest of the players.

Anyway...GO BROWNS!