Saturday, November 15, 2008

Growing Up

Alex is a senior in high school. We've been talking about colleges a lot lately. We just got back a little bit ago from a college visit.

This is probably where he'll end up going. It's close to home, only about 50 minutes away. It's a small, private, liberal arts college.

After listening to a panel of students, a panel of professors, admission personnel, etc. and then going on a tour of the campus, we came away with a real good feeling about this college. It seems as though this is a great fit for Alex. In fact, I was even happier with this college than I thought I would be.

So what's the problem???

We're talking about my baby here. It's time to let him go spread his wings a little and I'm struggling. Over the past 18 years we've nurtured him, loved him, raised him....and now it's time to let him go out into the real world and see how he fares.

I'm really going to miss him.

I know, I know...he'll only be less than an hour away, but in my mind, that's too far. He's still a little boy in my mind.

He's already grown up.

Now I guess it's my turn.


Leeann said...

Aw, :::sniffle::::

No matter what, they are always our babies!


Jen said...

My mom refused to let me go to an out of state college. So, I applied, got accepted, and then my parents moved to Indonesia three days after I graduated from high school. Ah, irony.

The Arthur Clan said...

My oldest is 10 and I get choked up thinking that we only have 8 more years until he'll be going to college. I'm feeling for you Cindi...that's rough!

PERBS said...

You still have 6 months before he leaves. Keep making memories and he will "return."