Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Crush

When I was younger, somewhere around my early junior high years, I developed a crush on someone. It wasn't a neighborhood boy or a classmate. It was an "older" man.

I would think about him a LOT, and just stare into those gorgeous blue eyes of his. And then there was his smile. I couldn't get enough of him. Not to mention his soothing voice...ah...when he spoke or sang, his voice could melt butter.

If there was any question in my mind about my ability to simply ADORE this man, it went by the wayside when I learned that we actually shared a birthday! If that's not a sign, then I don't know what is!

I was able to get pictures of him, and they were taped all over the back of my bedroom door. I could close my door, stare at his face, and fall deeper and deeper into "crushdom" and dream about our future...

Of course my parents would never approve; he was 13 years older than me. But I didn't care. I could still adore him in private.

Many other girls my age developed silly crushes on other guys, like Donny Osmond, or David Cassidy, but not me. Don't get me wrong...I liked those guys, but didn't ADORE them like I adored the Man of My Dreams.

Bobby Sherman was the man for me.

Thank goodness for Tigerbeat and 16 magazines. The articles about Bobby and the pictures of him (even some centerfolds!) are what kept me going back in those days.

It's funny how things come and go from your life and you forget about them until something triggers a memory.

Someone recently emailed me a link to a youtube video, and I was thinking about old television shows and wondered if I would get a hit if I typed them into the search box. I started out with Jonny Quest. The theme from the old Jonny Quest episodes was great. Of course it was there, so I watched it a couple of times.

Then I started wondering about the songs that the Partridge Family sang on their show, so I entered that into the search box. The very first hit was an episode that had Bobby Sherman as a guest on the show.

Well, that brought back all the memories, and I just sat here smiling. And then did a search for Bobby. Wow, I found out a lot and found a few links in the comment sections of the videos I watched too.

I was surprised to learn that he was really two years older than what was always told to us, his fans. He's in his mid 60s now!!

He was an L.A. police officer, but now is a deputy for the San Bernadino County Sheriff's Office, at least if the info I read is still current.

He was married for about five years, during which time he and his wife had two sons. But they got married toward the end of "my crush" but I appreciate that the word never got out, or I would have been totally heartbroken. He's never remarried.

His sons are grown, married and have young children of their own, which makes Bobby a GRANDPA!!

Several years ago he did a Teen Idol tour with Mickey Dolenz (of the Monkees) and Peter Noone (of Herman's Hermits).

I had several of Bobby's albums and played them all the time. I swear, I practically wore those records out!

Oh yes, Bobby Sherman...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Dr. Grumbles said...

I have seen him on one of the former child/teen stars specials. He amazed me by how down to earth he was. No big fall from glory. He became an actual functioning adult.

I had a mega crush on George Harrison in college - I was just a few years older than his son at the time!

Paulie said...

Catching up on my blog reading . . . here and below! I understand about your crush. lol I loved Pat Boone and he had 4 girls and a wife! Everyone else liked Elvis. . . yuk!