Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anatomy 101

Yesterday at lunchtime I was sitting in our principal's office, helping her put labels on our Achievement Tests, and packing them up. Our kindergarten kids, along with the first and second graders were outside for recess. Into the main office comes one of our kindergarten teachers who had been outside on playground duty. She is a soft spoken woman, and in all the years I've worked with her, I've never heard her raise her voice.

Not only was she speaking loudly to a child, who happens to be one of her students, but she was also telling him how we do NOT do things like that here at school. She said a few other things along the same line, and Mrs. J (our principal) got up to see what the commotion was about.

The teacher told Mrs. J that Jimmy (not his real name, of course) had pulled down his pants AND his underwear on the playground and was showing other children his "private parts" AND seemed to be very proud of what God had given him.

The teacher then went back out to the playground (there were two other teachers out there on duty too, so the children outside were NOT left unattended) while Mrs. J spoke to Jimmy.

Then she told him to stay right there in the outer office while she called his mom. She came back into her office, and just shook her head, and asked to no one in particular, "Will this day EVER end?"

We are dealing with a personnel issue at school right now, and an employee's adult daughter has chosen to get involved, even though she doesn't have even a fourth of the facts. There has been additional fallout among some members of the teaching staff in regards to this issue. And then there were also concerns about how to pack up certain Achievement tests due to extenuating circumstances. And the icing on the cake was that Jimmy decided to show the boys and girls on the playground his PE*IS.

I can totally understand why Mrs. J asked if the day would ever end.

By the way, she asked me to stay while she called his mother, and then while she called Jimmy into her office and discussed the inappropriateness of showing off one's private parts at school.

Oh my...TGIF.

(And just to cover all the bases she called our district social worker to inform her of the incident, in case you were wondering.)


Dr. Grumbles said...

When I was Jimmy's age, I also got in trouble for showing my private parts at school. It didn't go over well then, either.

(Weed smoking artist parents forgot to tell me that walking around naked was only allowed in OUR house)

Paulie said...

You mean one can't have THAT for show and tell in Kindergarten? lol Glad all my kids had toys or books to show off instead.

I hate word verifications -- this is my fourt try so far. . .