Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Productive Evening

Last night ended up being rather productive for me. That's rare anymore. I usually feel as though I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. However, last night was different.

I actually cooked dinner. Lately it's been "fend for yourself" so this was definitely something different.

After dinner, I disappeared into the laundry room and folded four loads of laundry, washed another load, then hung it up to dry.

Upon leaving the laundry room, I picked up the 2 week stack of mail that has been accumulating in our mail basket. Hey, at least we bring it in from the mailbox. We just never seem to go through it. Of course there was much more junk mail than "real" mail, but that's typical. I went through several catalogs we got and found some interesting items I may have to consider ordering.

In the mail, I also found a couple of bills that I pay out of my checking account, as opposed to our joint account. I didn't want to write out the checks until I recorded and balanced my checkbook, so that was the next thing I did. I hadn't recorded the last 30 checks I wrote (thank goodness for duplicate checks!) so that took a little while. Then I wanted to make sure I had money in my checking account, so I went to the computer and brought up my account for the last three months. I'm extremely proud to say that my checkbook was perfect down to the penny!

Of course I noticed my purse was a mess when I got my checkbook out, so I cleaned out my purse a little.

After that, I took a shower, settled into a nice long talk with Joe, then went to sleep.

All in all, a very productive evening!


Paulie said...

I'm proud of you!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, I LOVE getting so much done in one day. It makes me feel awesome.