Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Sure Has Been a While

I've really missed blogging, and am hopefully back to it now, on a regular basis. Life sort of got in the way.

Since I last had a regular post:

* Joe finished got his Bachelor's degree in Business Management and is now trying to find a job

* Christmas has come and gone

* Alex hosted a small New Year's Eve dinner party for a few friends (and really didn't want his picture taken while he was putting the salad together)

* School began again for me, then a week later, for Alex

* Our afternoon custodian returned to work after having been hospitalized for 6 days with cellulitis, and then passed away

* One of our best friends, Mark, became ill, then had a heart attack, and passed away

(Ted and Mark on their first day of Kindergarten)

* Our very good friends from Texas came up for Mark's funeral

* I had my annual CT scan...and the results are great. No cancer!

* We spent an evening celebrating the wonderful life of our friend Mark with his family and friends, and enjoyed a FABULOUS meal prepared by another friend.

(I forgot to take a picture of my plate, but still got a shot of someone else's. The beef was SUPERB!)

My goal is to get back to commenting this week, in addition to updating my blog.

I've missed you all!


Paulie said...

Well, I have missed you and I actually could not remember whose blog this was until I arrived here tonight. lol I have missed seeing your posts and having you drop by. I think I did tell you I have a new blog. Click on my name -- no longer PERBS but paulie again.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love hearing updates like this, but they are always so hard to comment on. I guess I should say "good, I'm so sorry, that's fantastic, and that looks delicious." I'm sure I missed some stuff though.

Monica said...

Glad to see you back though I too had taken a break from blogging. I think it is the time of year when we get wrapped up in other things with no time to do what we enjoy.

Great to hear the scan came back clean, that in itself is a reason to celibrate!