Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're Up for Family of the Year (and lots of pictures)

Our precious son Alex recently asked if we could have a small family cookout to celebrate his leaving for college. In a weak moment, we agreed. He said it would just be the grandparents, local aunts and uncles and his cousins, along with some of his friends. No big deal.

Upon looking at the calendar and using some common sense, we came up with a date. He leaves this Friday, so we did not want it the night before, as it will be absolutely crazy around here, I'm sure. In fact, we didn't want it on a weeknight at all. Sunday really wasn't going to be an option because chances are people would stay late and Ted likes to have very quiet, peaceful Sunday evenings. That left this past Saturday.

That worked out fine for everyone...except for one little minor detail. Alex was leaving Friday afternoon to go to a concert event with his aunt, uncle, and a friend, and would be meeting his cousin Holly there. Afterwards, they would go to Holly's (near Cleveland) and spend the night. They'd get back sometime Saturday afternoon, just about when Alex's "cookout/party" would be starting.

So, in other words, he would not be around to help late Friday afternoon or evening OR Saturday morning.

Then we found out that other people were invited, via word of mouth. The more the merrier, but it would just be nice to have an idea of numbers for food, drink, etc.

Joe was a HUGE help. He worked like crazy around here. Of course he also said that he never wants to have another function here again, but he still helped a LOT. Ted, when he was home and not at work, was a help too.

I spent Friday doing as much cooking and prepping as possible, so things would be easier on Saturday. That went pretty well, until late Friday afternoon when, after scrubbing and cubing 10 lbs of potatoes, my hands and knuckles began throbbing from arthritis. I have arthritis in my knees, and in the past couple of years it's also ventured to my hands. Although it doesn't flare up that often, when it does, it can be more than a little uncomfortable.

Anyway, we were planning on eating around 6:00 pm, but people could come anytime after 2:00 to use the pool.

Alex got home close to 2:00, then took a shower, so he could be "fresh" when he received guests.

(All I'm gonna say is that just ONCE I'd like to show up at a party given for me and have everything already done and totally under control. There. I said it. Now I feel better.)

I think everyone had a great time!

Pepina even got in on things. She laid in the bedroom window and supervised the pool activities.

Eventually I got some pictures of Alex and a few of his friends. I even got them to form the famous O-H-I-O. If you're not from Ohio, you may not understand, but in Buckeye country, it's a big deal.

There was plenty of pool, sun, food, and drink!

Alex has been whining about how I've been taking pictures of different things, but I think that deep down inside, he's glad.

So, we should be awarded the "Family of the Year" prize for getting everything ready for HIS cookout/party while HE wasn't even around.

Somehow, I doubt that'll happen, but I think he appreciated it. At least he told us he did.


Jen said...

That looks like a terrific party! I wish I lived close enough to crash it.

mdx3mom said...

I know its always crazy getting ready for these things, but from the did a great job and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Terre said...

Doggone it Cindi, I was really hoping to get "Family of the Year" prize but there you go outdoing me yet again :o) you're tough competition LOL. Can't wait to hear how the big college/home separation plays out. Love you.

PERBS said...

Well, it looks like a grat time for all but the memories with photos should be something to talk about when he is older and thinks back on his days jsut before college.

I am soooooooooooo jealous of you and that beautiful pool!!!!!!

KatieQ10 said...

Yeah just commuting this year, I cant afford to live here anymore. Its such a rip off. But definitely glad I missed that party haha!

docgrumbles said...

Hope he knows how lucky he is!