Monday, August 3, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

But you know how I am, and I just can't let it go. I have to "say something."

Last Friday Alex went to his college to see his dorm room and meet his roommate. They set aside a special day for that and I think it's a great idea.

I was going to go, but I had gotten pretty sick the day before and after a discussion it was determined that I would be a detriment rather than an asset, so I stayed home. However, I was able to give explicit instructions as to what I wanted pictures of (the dorm room from all angles and a shot of the view outside the window) and various measurements.

When they got home I uploaded the pictures and really studied each and every one. Then this one came up and I had to catch my breath.

My little boy has grown up.

He's in that picture all alone, with no parents to guide him. We just have to hope that we've done all we can to develop a strong sense of values and morals.

His dorm is right behind him, the place where he will be living for the next four years. Have we prepared him to live without our daily reminders of various things? I sure hope so.

Deep down, I know he'll be fine. But he's the baby, and I reserve the right to worry about him.

Another thing that went through my mind when I saw this picture...."Alex! Stand up straight! And get a hair cut!"

Yep, he'll be fine.


Leeann said...

Love this entry. I can't believe I will be seeing the same type thing in four years. Impossible!

He'll be fine. :-)

Easy for me to day, right?

Terre said...

Glad mom chose to stay behind on this trip smart move :o) You've done a great job with the boys and he will be fine. I can say that because it is true, plus remember my number four child is a senior this year. Remember all the time you spent with them as little people, they will carry all those lessons with them. You are fortunate he is so close to home because you can be there if you need to.

PERBS said...

Sorry you did not feel well -- hope you are better now. He looks like it suits him and he will fit in fine. AND he won't have to hear in person about his hair! Ü

docgrumbles said...

awww, such a huge transition. He'll do fine, I'm sure.