Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our House

This past summer Ted worked for a guy that used to own a photography studio here in town. In fact, he owned the studio where Joey and Alex had their senior portraits taken. This guy (Art) took both Ted's and my senior portraits, but then sold the business about 15 years later.

Now Art is semi-retired, but works occasionally for an aerial survey company that just happens to have an office next to the plumbing shop where Ted works.
One day this past summer Ted did some work for him and they got to talking. Art had known Ted's dad and knew that we had built a new home and knew where it was. I'd mentioned to Ted in the past that I would just love to have a picture of our house from the air, so Ted mentioned that to Art. Fortunately we live pretty close to our local airport, so a pilot wouldn't have to go out of his/her way.

About two weeks later, Art was coming out of the aerial survey office when Ted was walking into the shop, and Art called over to Ted. He gave Ted a couple of pictures of our house! Ted asked him what he owed him, and he said nothing! But if we wanted them enlarged, we could take them to a local store and have them done there. We haven't done that yet, but we probably will.

To the left of the house is an alfalfa field that draws an occasional deer or two and several groundhogs. To the right, a new home is being built. Ted's sister and brother-in-law are going to be living next door to us! This picture was obviously taken before we had our landscaping done around the pool, so it looks pretty blah back there. However, now it looks very nice!

We were really pleased with how these pictures turned out!


Leeann said...

That is really cool! You have a lot of privacy out there, don't you?

We get tons of deer out here. Rob said when he backed out into the court this morning, there was a family of five deer just hanging out. And the other week, Chris came in the house yelling about a baby bear cub in the Hemlock tree. Turns out he had startled a groundhog into scaling the tree. lol!!


Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! It is so cool that you have pictures of your house from the air.

PERBS said...

Definitely unique!

You live in a mansion! Do you own the land around you also. . . thought maybe that's why your bil and family was building next door.

I also posted on the autumn blog below. . .

The Arthur Clan said...

You should be pleased...the pictures are wonderful! We get advertisements all the time for this to be done for our home, but we have a lot more work to do before our home will ever be ready for that.

Your home is gorgeous though ~ you'll have to take us on a virtual tour sometime! :)

Angie in OH