Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Chair

When we were in the midst of the building process of our house, we knew we needed some new furniture. Our recliner was on its third mechanism, and it was going to be relegated to the bedroom. Our current living room furniture was headed to the den. Therefore, we knew we needed new living room items.

Our living room is fairly big, so we decided we would get two couches, a chair, two recliners, three end tables and a coffee table. We'd never been "coffee table" people, but the big empty space in the middle of the living room dictated that we were about to become such people.

We also got bedroom furniture. We were still using the white French Provincial furniture that my parents bought for me when I was in 6th grade. Here it was, decades later, and we needed something with more storage space. Besides, the white stuff was going to the bedroom in the basement.

Anyway, we have an absolutely WONDERFUL furniture store in Amish country (no, it's not handcrafted Amish furniture). I could spend hours there. We ended up with a total of four trips there to select furniture. Our salesman is an old high school friend and he understands our needs as well as our taste. While we were looking at recliners, he had us sit in FlexSteel rocker/recliners. OH MY... we knew right away that we had discovered the ideal chairs for us.

At that time, we had only been thinking about getting one, but I immediately said, "And just how long will we argue over who gets to use this chair before we end up buying another one?"

So we ordered two identical chairs. They are so comfortable. We just love them.

Apparently we aren't the only ones who love them.

These three felines also love the chairs, especially one of them.




Sure, they may look sweet and innocent....but they're guilty. Well before Oliver entered our household this past spring, Pepina and Marina used a chair. Then they taught Oliver Standard Operating Procedure.

He picked it up rather quickly, wouldn't you agree?

HOWEVER, that's not quite what I was referring to.

Our cats love to not only sleep on the chair....

But they somehow have decided that it's a scratching post too.

The worst part? We really don't mind. They've brought us so much joy that if it costs us a chair, so be it.

And before you mention it, they've had scratch posts and pads of all kinds, but simply prefer the corners of the chair.


PERBS said...

Those are three spoiled cats! I probably would ahve "killed" them.

Jen said...

My cat used to scale along the base of the couch with her claws, like Spiderman.

ChickenGal said...

I really didn't have any trouble with my cats scratching the furniture, they went for the cloth covering on the speakers! I got a ne chair too! But it has an electric control to move it up and down and help lift me out after surgery! It is wonderful.

The Arthur Clan said...

You sure love your kitties a lot! My question is, will they at least move over and let you share the chair with them? :)

They are all so pretty.


docgrumbles said...

The chair looks like my couch! We even bought her two scractching posts that she WILL NOT use - only the couch!

Leeann said...

We have a Flexsteel sofa and loveseat that recline. We love them also. That is some good quality furniture!

As for the cats, I'll bite my tongue. I'm a dog person. Although our dog at the edge of our stairs, so I have no room to talk. lol