Monday, February 15, 2010

Let it Snow!

We've had a LOT of snow here in east central Ohio lately. Last week we missed three days of school due to the snow.

I saw my oncologist last week (another post in itself) and he lives in the "big city" just north of here. He just couldn't seem to understand why school was cancelled. I told him that our county is rural and if he took a snowy day ride on the county and township roads that our school district encompassed, he would NEVER put his kids on the bus. He seemed to understand the situation a little more once I put it in perspective for him.

The snow is beautiful, but it can definitely cause some issues for people getting around and living their normal every day life. Unfortunately, the world does not come to a standstill because of snow. Even though we didn't have school, I still had some doctors' appointments and errands to run.

Here in Ohio school districts may choose to start the day with a 2 hour delay (mostly due to weather, but occasionally for meetings). They may also choose to dismiss 2 hours early (again mostly due to weather, but occasionally for meetings). However, they cannot do both, or the day will not count toward the 180 day minimum requirement. Also, here in Ohio, we are allotted five calamity days before we need to make missed days up. Next year that will change to three (bad move, in my opinion).

A district may choose to implement a 2 hour delay in hopes that the weather will calm down or the temperature will rise a little, and the day will then count. Once in a while, we begin with a 2 hour delay, then the decision is made to cancel school altogether for the day. Safety of the students and staff is the top concern, and I'm glad that I'm not involved in making the decision as to what to do as far as a delay or cancellation.

This is how our recent school attendance has gone:

Friday, February 5 - 2 hour early dismissal
Monday, February 8 - 2 hour delay
Tuesday, February 9 - No school
Wednesday, February 10 - No school
Thursday, February 11-No school

We also had a snow day in January, so we are now at 4 days off, with only 1 to go before having to add days at the end of the year.

Yet another snow "event" is due to come through the area today. We are off school because of Presidents' Day, but hopefully we'll be able to make it in tomorrow. I don't recall the last time we've had so much snow. Usually the snow will almost completely melt off before the next snow comes, but this year, we're just getting them one right after the other.

But it is pretty, you have to admit.


Paulie said...

I am sooooo jealous of all your snow. We used to have snow like that in SE Idaho -- they probably still do -- and people did not believe me when I said we did not have to make up 5 snow days because of "act of God." Here in WA, you have to make up every sbow day WHEN they do come. This year, one snowfall three days after Christmas and it was all melted in 4 days. sigh

I am hoping we get some more soon after I get my camera back from the shop as it had to be repaired.

Terre said...

I think you know where I stand on the snow issue...please keep it in Ohio! ;o)

HereWeGoAJen said...

It is beautiful. Sometimes when I look at pictures, I miss snow. But then I remember how cold it is and I don't.