Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aren't Weddings Great?

I enjoy weddings and wedding receptions. They tend to remind me that no marriage is perfect and that it takes work and commitment to make it a successful union. I think that most marriages have their good times AND their bad times.

We went to a wedding reception recently and had a nice time. The wedding was at noon and it was an hour away. The reception was at 6:00 pm. Since we would have had nothing to do in between the two events (and remember, I am NOT a shopper), we opted to go to just the reception. One of my male cousins was getting married to a very sweet, beautiful girl with the most gorgeous smile.

You may recall that my mom and I went to a shower for Carrie in July. It was very classy (given by two of my classy cousins, so what else would you expect?) and the reception was very nice too.

Patty, above, was one of the "classy cousins" who threw the shower for Carrie. Isn't she pretty?

I only took a few pictures, but I'm still going to share them with you.

These next two are definitely for Kris, the other reading intervention teacher. Kris is a food connoisseur. She might weigh 100 lbs, soaking wet, but she loves food...especially good food. In fact, when I showed her these pictures, her first comment was "You took those for me, didn't you?" And we laughed.

The salad was served to us and was very good. The italian dressing wasn't too tangy or bitter, but just right. I loved the mix of the greens.

The meal was buffet style and I chose to get roast beef, chicken, potatoes, and pasta. They also had some vegetable combination, and although I liked veggies in general, I don't like cauliflower or zucchini and they were both in the medley.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the rolls and cake, hahaha. They also had cookies in the "pre-event" room (what italian wedding doesn't have cookies???) but I didn't take a picture of them either.

I have so many pictures of my mom and dad together, however in at least 90% of them, my dad looks as though he's in pain. He's really not, but I just don't think he likes having his picture taken. So once again, I told my folks that they needed to get their heads close together because I was going to take their picture. I expected to get a hard time about it from my dad, but I didn't.

It didn't come out too bad, if I do say so myself!

Then I asked Rick (a cousin) to take a picture of Ted and me together. I really do NOT like having my picture taken, but I'm willing to go through the trauma of it so that we can have a few pictures of the two of us.

Then Ted took the camera and pointed it toward us to take another shot. He didn't do too bad!

Matt and Carrie had a wonderful reception and we had a very nice time. Carrie was a beautiful bride and Matt was a handsome groom. (Too bad I didn't get pictures of them together.)

We wish them the best as they begin their life together as husband and wife!


Mindee said...

Ha! I would totally take pictures of the food too.

Thx for stopping by my blog and commenting today. And if you ever become a principal? I want to work for you and NEVER HAVE MY PICTURE TAKEN AGAIN!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I love food too. Especially really good food. I think I like weddings mainly for the food. Although, we haven't been to that many.

PERBS said...

Must have been a nice event -- food was plentiful and looks yummy! BUT no pictures of the bride and groom? darn

Monica said...

I am just the opposite, I don't like attending weddings. I think it is the getting dressed up part I don't like. But I do like the food part. I love love love food!