Friday, June 27, 2008


Yesterday I went to the dealership where we got our vehicle to have the oil changed and the tires rotated. They brought the information up on their computer and asked which vehicle they would be working on. We've gotten a couple of vehicles there, so it was a legitimate question. I told them that it would be the Trailblazer.

They said it would take about 45 minutes or so because they had had a few emergencies come in (I'd had an appointment), and then handed me the work order to sign (standard practice, so no big deal...I've done it quite a few times before). As I began to sign it and had my first name completed, I glanced at the top of it.

This would be a good time to read this post, if you haven't read it before.

At the top of the work order was my name and address, except it was NOT my address. Yep, the "other woman" with the same name as mine, who goes to the same medical doctor as I do, the same eye doctor as I do, and the same vet as I do, ALSO goes to the same car dealer as we do AND has the same type of vehicle!

I'm wondering if there is anywhere else that we might "overlap" in our lives.

And for the record, I told them that it was not my name and address at the top (they had her middle initial, not mine) and they apologized profusely and printed out a new work order with MY information on it.

For those of you thinking this out thoroughly, my name shows up in the system as opposed to Ted's because I am the one who always takes the vehicle in for any maintenance it needs.

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Tia returned my phone call this morning and I have an appointment for next Tuesday afternoon to get my hair cut and probably colored. She was shocked when I told her I didn't want a perm, but something a little different. She also told me that she is moving to Georgia in July because her husband got a great job there. She's extremely close to her family, so I asked how they were handling that news. She said she was planning on telling them this weekend. I wished her luck.

If they would have decided NOT to do this, they would have always wondered if it would have worked out for them, so I give her a lot of credit for packing up her three young kids and making this move. She said that if it doesn't work out, they can always come back home. I wish her the best.

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The weather hasn't been the greatest here in east central Ohio lately. We've had a lot of instability in the air according to Dick Goddard, our favorite weather forecaster on Fox8 news in Cleveland. We have had thunderstorms almost every day/evening/night for the past week and a half, it seems. If it's not raining, it's cloudy and humid for the most part. I was in the pool yesterday for a couple of hours, but it wasn't very sunny.

Even this morning the weather was rather uncooperative. Now that it's almost 3:00 pm here, the sun is making an appearance on and off, it's 83 degrees, and humid. I'd like to go get in the pool, but it's getting close to the time when I need to start dinner, so I would only be in for about 10 minutes. Hardly worth it, in my opinion. I have a routine for getting ready to swim and for coming back in, and I absolutely HAVE TO FOLLOW IT. It takes a little bit of time, but I get really thrown off if I don't adhere to it.

And believe it or not, I am NOT obsessive/compulsive!

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Have a great weekend everyone!


Paulie said...

We're finally into summer weather here. . . lots of sunshine and high temps. Going to be 92 tomorrow and hit over 100 Sunday they say.

docgrumbles said...

Ack! How eerie that you have so much in common with the name twin!