Sunday, March 2, 2008

On the Road to Recovery

Ted is going back to work tomorrow! He's really looking forward to it, too. He's been off for FOUR weeks due to this terrible bout of bronchitis. Although he's not 100% quite yet, he's feeling much better. It's been a long haul for him.

As bad as this has been on him, something very good came out of all of this. He has QUIT SMOKING!!

I'm so proud of him! At the beginning of this he could barely take a breath, let alone inhale a cigarette. After a couple of days of going outside and valiantly trying to have a smoke (like what's up with that??) he realized that it just wasn't possible. Therefore, it will be four weeks tomorrow since he last had a cigarette. He said he still gets an occasional urge, but so far it's nothing he can't handle.

We both feel that this is a message from his dad, who died of lung cancer (he had smoked for 60 years) almost 4 years ago. As if THAT is not enough, the little store where Ted would stop every morning for a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes, just closed.

He and I both believe in signs, and we think that these things happening are just a step short of being hit in the head with a 2" x 4"!

As far as I'm concerned, all the trips to the chiropractor really helped last week. Unfortunately, a slide in the snow on Friday messed things up again.

It's amazing to think that a week ago yesterday I first met Dr. Bill when I took Ted for an emergency treatment. I had my first appointment with him on Tuesday, then went again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Friday I told Dr. Bill that the last time I met a man and saw him 4 more times that week, I married him! He got a kick out of that.

Each day I felt a little better, but a lot of my movements were still difficult to make. There is still quite a bit that I can't do. After we left Dr. Bill's on Friday, we went to my school so I could get my lesson plans done for this upcoming week. Because of several 2-hour delays due to weather last week, some of my plans would just carry over, but I still had to get some things copied and ready to go. After an hour or so there, we were leaving.

It's rather important to note that on Friday we had heavy snowfall for several hours. In fact, a couple of schools in the area even decided to dismiss early. The roads were pretty nasty, but sometimes you just have to go out and get things done. And we did. Going to Dr. Bill's was a top priority and going to school so I could do my plans was another high priority. Other than those two things, everything else could wait until the weather improved.

So as Ted and I carefully maneuvered through the falling snow and the accumulating snow already on the ground, to get to the car (and knowing full well that my middle name is NOT Grace!), it was with great relief that we had almost made it to the car. HOWEVER, being only about three feet away from the vehicle, I slipped on the snow and twisted my back and hip. Fortunately I caught my balance and didn't fall down, but I sure did a number on my back and hip. As Ted helped me into the car I was trying to quickly assess any possible damage I did to myself. I was sore and in some pain, but was really hoping that it was the kind of discomfort that I could shake off and it would disappear in a short period of time.

It's now almost 48 hours later, and that's not the case. I'm not as bad as I was at the beginning of last week, but I'm worse than what I was when I left Dr. Bill's Friday morning. I'm going to try to get in to see him tomorrow.

Ah yes...the fun continues!

At least Ted is doing much better....we're really thankful for that!


Paulie said...

I was hoping fr good news!!!!!!!!

I can't even enjoy the fact that you got more snow. . . have I told you hw much I love snow? Isure moved to the wrong state. sigh

Get well!